Atomic Theory Scientists

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Atomic Theory Scientists


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Niels Bohr
planatary model of the atom
Werner Heisenberg
Uncertainty Principle relating to the electron in an atom
Antoine Lavoisier
Quantitative analysis of chemical reactions
Sir Joseph Jon Thomson
Discovered the electron
Max Planck
Quantam theory of the atom
Joseph Proust
Law of Definite Proportions
Ernst Rutherford
Nuclear model of the atom
Murray Gell-man
postulated the existance of the quark
Henry Moseley
Determined the atomic numbers of atoms
James Chadwick
discovered the neutron
Erwin Shrodinger
proposed a mathmatical equation used in modern quantam theory
Henri Becquerel
discovered radioactivity
Frederick Soddy
recognized the existance of isotopes
Amedeo Avogadro
hypothesis stating equal volumes of gases have equal numbers of particles
John Dalton
revived the atomic theory and stated the law of Partial Pressures of gases
Glenn Seaborg
discovered nine transuranium elements
Albert Einstein
explained the photoelectric effect
Wilhelm Roetgen
developed the x-ray
Marie Curie
discovered the elements radium and polonium
Robert Millikan
"oil drop" experiment lead to discovery of the charge of an electron
Eugene Goldstein
discovered canal ray and charge of proton