8th Grade Constitution Practice Questions

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8th Grade Constitution Practice Questions

Practices Questions For Students Who Are Preparing To Take The United State Constitution Test In The 8th Grade.

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What is the term of office for a representative?
2 years
How many members are in the House of Representatives?
How many members are in the Senate?
Who must be 25 years old?
Member of House of Representatives
Who must be 30 years old?
Who must be a United States citizen for at least 7 years?
House of Representatives
Who must be a United States citizen for a least 9 years?
The Speaker presides over the
How is membership/representation of the House determined?
Based on the population of each state.
How is membership/representation of the Senate determined?
Equal representation of 2 per state
Which two houses make up congress?
House of Representatives and Senate
What is the length of term for US Senator?
6 years
Who presides over the Senate?
The Vice President
Sole power to impeach or or bring charges?
The House of Representatives
Sole power to try he case after an officeholder is impeached.
The Senate
Who must give permission for new states to be admitted to the union?
Where do bills go if both houses of Congress want a bill to become law, but each has changed the original?
Senate Conference Committee
Who has the power to make laws?
Legislative branch
Where do all revenue bills originate/start?
House of Representatives -
What article explains the legislative branch, senator, and representatives?
Article I
Who hs to approve treaties negotiated by the President?
The Senate
Which article explains the Executive Branch?
Article 2
How long is the President and Vice President's term of office?
4 years
How old must the President be?
35 years of age
The president must be a _____________citizen.
natural born
How long must the President have lived in the United States?
14 years
Who elects the President?
The Electoral College
What is the President's power to refuse to sign a bill called?
Who is in line next if the President cannot fulfill his/her duties?
Vice President
Name the 3 branches of government?
Executive, Judicial and Legislative
What is the term of office for a Supreme Court judge?
Which Article describes the Judicial branch?
Article 3
The Judicial branch has the power to declare laws ______.
How many justices serve on the supreme court?
Are the qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice listed in the constitution?
Who appoints members to the Supreme Court?
The President
After the President appoints members to the Supreme Court, who confirms the appointment?
The Senate
What is the supreme law of the land?
The United States Constitution
How many branches make up the United States government?
What is the purpose of the preamble?
States the purpose of the Constitution.
The preamble begins...
We the people of the United states
What are the first 10 admendments of the constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
Where was the Constitutional Convention held?
Philidelphia, PA
Who presided over the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
When was the Constitutional convention held?
What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention?
To revise the articles of Confederation.
What are two ways to convict someone of treason?
Confession to the crime. Impeachment
How many admendments have been added to the constitution?
A bill attainder is a low passed by Congress that punishes you ___________.
without a trial
Hebeas cropus guarantees you the right to ________________
appear before a judge if you are arrested.
Seperation of powers explains...
how power is divided between the three brances of government.
Name three things the government could not do under the Article of Confederation?
1. tax 2. enforce laws 3. hold a federal court trial