7th Grade Science-mitosis,meiosis,and Cell Division

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what are chromosomes that carry the same kind of genes?
homologous chromosomes
offspring that are different from both parents are produced by
sexual reproduction
what are homologous chromosomes?
chromosomes tht carry the same set of genes
what carries the genes that determie sex
sex chromosomes
what is it called when cells are copied with half he number of chromosomes? 
how are sex cells different from other body cells?
sex cells have half as many chromosomes
people often go to genetic counselors to have a ___________ drawn to trace a disease that they do not want to pass on to their children
Only one parent cell is needed in ___________ reporduction
t or f   every one of the chomosomes is different between men and women
t or f   Men and women each have different numbers of chromosomes in their sex cells
t or f   If you looked inside a cell during mitosis and you could see the chromosomes lining up, you could tell whether the cell belonged to a man or a women.
In humans, what are the sex chromosomes of females?
In humans, what are the sex chromosomes of males?
explain the difference betwwen meiosis and mitosis
division of the nucleus in a body cell in mitosis and produces sex cells in meiosis
Since sex cells only have half the chromosome cells that are found in a refular cell, how do they grow into cells that have a full sent of chromosomes?
the sperm has 23 chromosomes and the egg has 23 chromosomes and when they come together they make 46 chromosomes.
how is a new cell at the end of meiosis different from the parent cell at the start of meosis?
It has 1/2 the number of chromosomes      
air pocket between the inner and outer membranes: located at wide end of egg
air cell
egg white:cushions the embryo and provides water and protein
hard shell; protects the eggs contents, lets oxygen and carbon dioxide pass in and out of the egg
developing chick inside an egg
membrane between the outer shell membrane and the albumen
inner shell membrane
membrane between the eggshell and the inner shell membrane
outer shell membrane
food source for the developing chick; attached to the middle of the embryo's gut
small dot where fertilization occurs
germinal disc
membrane that surrounds the yolk
yolk (vitelline) membrane