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The play takes place in a small town in seventeenth century Massachusetts, during the Salem Witch Trials
Francis Nurse
He was the head of the Nurse family and was a respected man in town. He tried to stop the trials by aiding John Proctor.
Rebecca Nurse
She is a very kind woman who is the midwife to the Putnam's. They feel she is a witch because seven out of eight of their children died at birth.
Reverend Parris
 He is the local Minister. He discovers the girls dancing. He is mainly responsible for the witch trials. He is a materialistic man, places gold candlesticks in the church.
Betty Parris
She is Reverend Parris' daughter, is caught dancing and pretends to see spirits.
 She is Parris' Negro slave who teaches the girls about spirits.
Abigail Williams
She is the niece of Parris and a very emotionally strong person. She scares people into doing what she wants them to do. She leads the girls in the accusations.
The Putnams
 Attributed the death of seven of their children to Rebecca Nurse. They are wealthy landowners, holds many grudges in the town.
Mary Warren
 She works for the Proctor's. She gives the poppet to Mrs. Proctor, which leads to her accusation of being a witch.
John Proctor
 He is well-known and respected in the town. He had an affair with Abigail, but after she accuses Elizabeth, he no
longer has feelings for her and realizes how many feelings he has for her.
Elizabeth Proctor
She discovers that John is having an affair, but forgives him.
Reverend John Hale
 He is the minister who is called in to investigate the witch trials.
Deputy Governor Danforth
 He is dedicated to removing all witches. He rules by the law and will not allow exceptions or anyone to try to undermine his court.