"The Air Around You" Science Ch 3 - LINCS

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11 Vocabulary Words From Chapter 3 Of The Book "The Air Around You." This Book Is 7th Grade Curriculum. The LINCS Method Uses A Keyword To Connect The Vocabulary Word With The Definition. It Uses Visual Imagery To Help The Brain Recall Meaning.

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adaptation [adapt/change]

any structural or behavioral change that helps an organism survive in its environment[the snowy owl adapted to the cold weather]
Climate [climb]
average weather pattern over a long period of time [weather does not climb it has a pattern over years]
deforestation [destroy forest]
destruction and cutting down of forests resulting in increased atmospheric CO2 levels [destroying the forest increases carbon dioxide!]
El Nino[kid]
climate event that begins in the tropical Pacific Ocean; can disrupt normal temperatures and precipitation[weather acting like a kid]
global warming [warm world]
increase in average global temperatures of the Earth [the world is getting warmer]
greenhouse effect [growing plants]
natural heating that occurs when certain gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap heat.[growing plants may like the heating of the earth]
hibernation [bear]
behavioral adaptation for winter survival in which an animal’s activity is reduced, its body temp. drops [the bear sleeps in the winter]
polar zone[polar bear]
climate zones that receive solar radiation at a low angle [polar bears like the cold areas that have the least solar radiation]
seasons [four seasons]
a short period of climate change caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis as it revolves around the sun[the four seasons are caused by tilting earth]
temperate zones [between t and p]
climate zones with moderate climate located between the tropics and polar zones[between t and p]
tropics [tropical]
climate zone that receives the most radiation (located between 23N and 23S)[tropical places are hot because of lots of solar radiation]