Chapter 2: The Healthcare Industry Review List:

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A nurse determines which patient is most ill and should be seen by the physician first. Triage
An administrative assistant writes a letter to determine whether a physician whom the clinic wishes to hire has ever had his license revoked. Credentialing
A patient arrives at a physician's office and sees the physician. Encounter
Accrediting agencies look for ____ or ____ to determine whether  a healthcare facility is following required policies and regulations. Standards or Indicators
A physician who has been ___ has been charged with a crime but has not yet been tried in a court of law. Indicted
A person who is unable to pay for their medical expenses is often called ___, and most hospitals will provide such patients with emergency care. Indigent
A group of healthcare practitioners involved in reviewing charts of patients with certain diseases to determine medical necessity of procedures. Peer Review Organization
When families look for an asissted living facility for a relative, they often consider the ___ that will add to the comfort and convienece of the patient. Amenities
Physicians who conduct great amount of research are often __ in medical journals and articles within their field of study. Cited
A new hospital contacts JCAHO to begin the ___ process, which will verify that the facility meets or exceeds standards. Accreditation
Dr. Robertson use mostly herb and natural supplements in his practice of medicine. Naturopathy
Dr. Wary combines conventional medicine with manipulative techniques when treating his patients. Osteopathy
Dr. Stern treats patients by locating slight misalignments of the vertebrae and corrects them using manipulative techniques. Chiropractic
A medical discipline in which treatments and medications are used to counteract the sign and symptoms of disease. Allopathy
Susan works for Dr. Burns and has forwarded info about his medical licenses, medical training and experience to Mercy Hospital. Staff Privilages
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