Security Forces Forms Review List:

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AF Form 1168 Statement of Suspect/Witness/Complaintant
AF Form 52 Evidence Tag
AF Form 75 Vehicle/Visitor Pass
DD Form 1408 Armed Forces Traffic Ticket
CVB Form 1805 U.S. District Court Violation Notice
AF Form 1199 Restriced Area Badge
AF Form 3545 Incident Report
AF Form 1315 Accident Report
AF Form 1109 Visitor Register Log
SFFL 15 Suspension of AAFES/ Commissary Privilages
SFFL 26 Quarters Security Check
SFFL 1 Motor Vehicle Accident Worksheet
SFFL 43 Order To Leave JB MDL
SFFL 44 Release to Civil/Federal Authorities
AF Form 1361 Pick-Up/Restriction Order
AF Form 3907 Field Interview Card
AF Form 1176 Authority to Search and Sieze
AF Form 1364 Consent to Search and Sieze
DD Form 1920 Alcohol Incident Report
DD Form 2574 AAFES Employee Identification
DD Form 2220 Vehicle Decal
DD Form 2 Armed Forces ID Card
DD Form 1173/1173-1 Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Card
AF Form 354 USAF Civilian Retired Employee
DD Form 2765 DOD/Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Card
DD Form 2708 Reciept for inmate/detained person
AF Form 1359 Reports of Results of Trial
DD Form 2701 Initial Information of Victim/Witness of Crime
SF Form 10 Civilian Implied Consent
SF Form 11 Military Implied Consent
AF IMT 4327a Crew Flight Authorization (Crew Orders)
AF Form 2586 Unescorted Entry Authorization Certificate
AF Form 53 Security Forces Desk Blotter
SF Form 12 Building Checklist
SF Form 18 IEPC
SFFL 10 Field Interview Card
SFFL 14 Preliminary Suspension of on base driving privileges
DD Form 497 Confinement order
OPS Form 310 Helping Hand/ Covered Wagon log
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