TV Cowboy Trivia

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What was Bat Materson’s full name? William Barclay Materson
Who portrayed Bat Materson in the TV series? Gene Barry
What was Miss Kitty’s nickname for Matt Dillon? Cowboy
What type of law enforcement officer was Matt Dillon? US Marshall
What famous movie actor rode a horse by the name of El Alamein? Ronald Reagan
What was the name of Annie Oakley’s horse? Target
What was the name of Matt Dillon’s horse? Old Buck
What was the name of the horse ridden by Roy Rogers? Trigger
Champion was the name of the horse ridden by? Gene Autry
Who played the Long Ranger on the TV series? Clayton Moore
When Rogers first acquired Trigger, what was his original name? 1. Golden Cloud
The horse referred to as “the miracle Horse of the movies” was named Koko and was owned and ridden by? 1. Rex Allen
Which horse was referred to as the “World Wonder Horse” and which cowboy rode him? Champion, Gene Autry
The famous horse ridden by “Pancho” in the series “The Chico Kid” was named? Loco
Dale Evans played herself and appeared with Roy Rogers in many movies riding her horse named? Buttermilk
The original big screen cowboy rode a horse named “Old Blue”. What was his name? Tom Nix
Jay Silverheels, played what a famous character in a TV series. Who did he play and what horse did he ride? Tonto - Scout
What was the name of the Major League baseball team that Gene Autry became the owner of? Los Angeles Angels
Who heard the young Gene Autry sign and encouraged him to start performing? Will Rogers
After leaving high school in 1925, what occupation did Gene Autry undetake? Telegraph Operator
During the more modern days of old west one cowboy flew an airplane as much as he rode a horse. What was his name? Sky King
What was the name of Sky King's airplane? Songbird
Where was Sky King's ranch located? Arizona
Nellie Bell was? Jeep owned by Roy and Dale
Who was the famous rider of the horse named “Joker” Andy Devine
Guy Madison who played “Wild Bill Hickok” rode this famous horse named? Buckshot
The Cisco Kid horse’s name was? Diablo
What was the name of Gene Autry’s real ranch? Melody Ranch
What was Hop-a-long Cassidy’s horse name? Hoppy
Buffalo Bill rode a horse by the name of Isham