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what part of the brain coordinates and orchestrates skilled movement cerebellum
the last part of the brain to develop fully is the frontal lobe
messages sent by releasing chemicals that jump across synapses involve neurons
the prevailing view regarding the use of learning styles research for identifying ethic groups differences is that such info needs to be considered cautiously as it may promote stereotyping
in the cognitive approach to learning; learning depends a great deal on individual perception
Alec still remembers how to touch type even though it has been 3 years since he has practiced. the memory system most directly involved here is procedural
one of the educational implications of sensory memory is that attention is necessary if children are to remember information
a flashblub goes off into your eyes all you can see for the next few sec are big blue dots what type of memory is most directly involved in this phenomenon sensory
what you are thinking about right now is being held in what type of memory working
items can be stored in working memory for approximately how long 20 sec
research has shown that the capacity of the working memory is limited to about how many chuncks 5-9
when we intentionally try to learn something new we are involving what type of long term memory explicit memory
because memories are organized in propositional networks recall of one bit of info often leads to recall of another bit of info
in order to understand the large amounts of info inherent in complex concepts people must develop structures or patterns called schemas
long term memory for how to do things is called procedural memory
in order to help students become better learners its recommended that they be provided a variety of strategies and practices
ms cricket gave a creative writing assignment on todays filmshe allows 10 min today and 10 min tomorrow to work on itwhat component of the creative process is she fostering restructuring
the stage of transfer for strategies in which the teacher should provide new problems that can be solved with the same strategy is the stage of transfter
which one of the following theories places the greatest emphasis on presenting models so that students can learn from observing others complete a task social cognitive theory
according to albert banduras social cognitive theory--peers can serve as important models and facilitate students learning
the constructionist approach to planning learning experiences emphasizes what role for teachers and students students and teachers together determine the content activities learning strategies to be used
a constructivist approach to assessment compared to a traditional approach would include use of students and teachers sharing authority for evaluating students work
what is the appropriate strategies regarding seatwork seatwork should be counted as part of the course grade
the question on the objective test you are taking are what type of question convergent
research shows that the average amount of time teachers wait for students to answer questions is 1 sec
the recommended waiting time while questioning students is 3-5 sec
info that is useful in a particular situation or that applies mainly to one specific topic domain specific
instruction characterized by high levels of teacher explanation demonstration and interaction with students active teaching
disparities in access to technology between poor and more affluent students families digital divide
increasing the chances that we will repeat a behavior by observing another persons treatment for that behavior vicarious reinforcement
those who have been socially disadvantaged minority group
exceptional progress by a student as a result of high teacher expectations for that student pygmalion effect
learning by watching and imitating others observational learning
assignment to different classes and academic experiences based on achievement tracking