Sociology Chapter 13

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“Families provide food and shelter and other material goods for its members.” This statement represents which function of the family? economic security
Western societies tend to have a/n _____ family structure.
Doris and Edward recently married and are living in a new house by themselves. This is an example of a/n _____ residence pattern.
Around the world, the most common residence pattern is
Christina graduated from college last year. She moved back into her parents’ home while she looks for a job. Christina is part of the
boomerang generation.
In _____, prospective spouses can compare the “value” of eligible partners before selecting a mate.
a marriage market
Early age at marriage is a/n _____ reason for some divorces.
According to a recent Gallup poll, _____ of Americans said that divorce is “morally acceptable.”
70 percent
Nearly _____ of Americans who divorce remarry (half of them within three years).
85 percent
The average age at first marriage is _____ for men, and _____ for women.
28; 26
Americans are postponing marriage because singles are spending more time in higher education. This statement illustrates a/n _____ factor.
Cynthia is married and works full time. After work, Cynthia does five hours of housework and childcare. This is termed
the second shift.
_____ children are the most likely to live with two parents.
Asian American
Many _____ parents are relatively permissive with infants and toddlers, but pressure children to excel in educational endeavors as they get older.
Asian American
Finish the following sentence: “Conflict is a normal part of life,
but violence is not normal.”
The average length of time people of the same age will live is termed
life expectancy.
Albert and Jean are caring for their aging parents as well as their three young children. Albert and Jean are part of the
sandwich generation.
“Families perform a variety of functions, such as procreation and socialization.” This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?
functionalist theory
“As people age, they remain active in their roles and activities.” This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?
functionalist theory
“Employers may value older workers’ work ethic, but are often reluctant to hire them.” This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?
conflict theory
Which one of the following is the largest and fastest-growing segment of American singles?
Those who have never married.
While not critical to family survival, sociologists now include _____ as a basic U.S. family function.
Emily has married, divorced, and remarried multiple times. Emily is engaging in
serial monogamy.
Approximately _____ percent of U.S. children live in a stepfamily.
In 2009, there were approximately _____ heterosexual and homosexual cohabiting couples in the United States.
8 million