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When Sabbath begins and when it ends Shabbat begins from 18 minutes before sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night
Though the Torah says to remember and observe the Shabbat, it does not tell us what we are allowed to do and what is prohibited. How is rabbis decide what was permitted and what was prohibited ? Rabbis of the Talmus thought of the biblical juxtaposition off Israel's building of the Tabernacle
The purpose and meaning of Shabbat. Name five things. - For Jews to remember being freed from Egypt- To symbolize the seventh day of Genesis, the day of rest after the six days of creation- To observe one of the Ten Commandments- To experience a taste of the word in Messianic Times- To refrain from acts used to dominate the world- To cultivate 'menuhah' and cultivate rest and quiet to define our work on the other six days.- Let go of creation- Create cathedral of time and space because there is no Temple anymore
What a Jew must do to prepare for Shabbat. Name 5 things. - Bath- Clean and beautify the home- Wear festive clothing- Refrain from unpleasant conversations- Avoid talking about money or business matters
The things that are on the Shabbat table when Shabbat begins. Name 13 things. - Two Shabbat candles- Two Shabbat candle sticks
- Two loaves of Hallah (covered)- wine- Kiddush cup- Basin cup and water for handwashing- Shabbat tablecloth

The order of a Friday night dinner service - Light two Shabbat candles- Bless your children- Welcome Shabbat (Shalom Aleichem)- Shabbat kiddush- Wash your hands- Hamotzi - giving thanks for our food- Eat hallah- Eat dinner- Birkat Ha-mazon - a blessing for our meal, said after eating
The action that the mother performs on Shabbat Lights the candles. The actions that take place during the lighting of Shabbat candles include: waving light towards us, covering the eyes, and reciting the traditional blessing: "Bless are You, our God...commanded us to kindle the lights of the Sabbath."
Tzedakah box definition and role in Shabbat Before Shabbat candles are it, the Tzedakah box is used. Tzedakah means charity/obligation or money for the needy. Families put coins into a Tzedakah box until it is full. The family then counts out the money and decides where to send it.
What is done during a Family Blessing on Shabbat Parents bless their children and recite prayer o Epharim and Menashe for their sons and the prayer of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. Some children bless their parents. Guests are also blessed.
The blessing over the bread (Hebrew term) Hamotzi
The bread usually used on Shabbat (Hebrew term) Challah
The number of loaves of bread the traditional Shabbat table needs Two
The traditional custom after dinner Saying Birkat Hamazon grace after meals.
'Shabbat Shalom' - English translation The greeting one ways to another on Shabbat
Things a Jews can do on Shabbat  evening or day. Name 7 things. - Eat the three festive meals- Pray, study, read- Sing, dance- Attend synagogue services- Recite Kiddush over a cup of wine at the beginning of Shabbat before the meal, and after the conclusion of morning prayers- Socialize- Visit the sick- Take a nap
Things an observant Jew can't do - Write two or more letters- Extinguish a fire- Transfer between domains- Apply the finish touch- Salt meat- Planting
Havdalah ceremony - definition and function
- Light twisted Hadalah candle- Say Kiddish- drink wine- Inhale spices- "Havdalah prayer"- Extinguish flame
- Marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and holidays. - It ushers in the new week. - Takes place at nightfall on Saturday- May be recited as soon as three stars are visible in the night sky

- Normally recited over kosher wine or kosher grape juice, though other beverages (excluding water) may be used if wine or grape are not available.