Sensory Receptors

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Distinguish among the functions of Pacinian corpuscles, Meissner's corpuscles, and pain receptors in the skin. sense pressure and deep touch; light touch; heat
What is the punctate distribution? uneven distribution of the sense organs
What is a modality? primary types of sensation
What kind of receptors are sensitive to the following modalities?
light- phototouch- mechanotemperature- thermosound- mechanosmell- chemo
What kind of receptor determines the weight of an object when you pick it up? Proprioreceptor
What nerves transmit the sense of smell to the brain? Olfactory nerve fibers
What nerves transmit the sense of taste to the brain? glossopharyngeal, facial, vagus nerve
Where are the taste buds located? the sides of the tongue
Since the lens is made of protein, what effect might the preserving fluid be used in lave have on the structure of the lens? How would this affect clarity? might cause lens to get cloudy
How does the viterous body differ from the aqueous humor in terms of location and viscosity? Vitreous- jelly like; posteriorAqueous- liquid; anterior
What layer of eye converts visible light into nerve impulses? photo receptors of the retina
What nerve takes the impulse of sight to the brain? optic nerve
THe common name for the sclera? white of the eye
HOw would you define an extrinsic muscle of the eye? they work together to create eye movement;
What gland produces tears? lacrimal gland
What is the name of the transparent layer of the eye in the front anterior chamber? cornea
The iris of the eye has what function? opening and closing pupil
What is the middle tunic of the eye called? pupil
Is the lens anterior or posterior to the iris? posterior
What is at the area of the eye where the blind spot is found? optic disc
What are the three general regions of the ear? outer, middle, inner ear
The ear preforms what two major sensory functions? What are they? hearing and equilibrium
What area is found between the scala vestibuli and the scala tympani? Cochlear duct
What part of the inner ear is involved in perciving static equilibrium? Vestibule
What tube is responsible for the equalization of pressure when you change elevation? eustachian (auditory) tube
What is the name of the space that encloses the ear ossicles? tympanic cavity
Place the ear ossicles in sequence fromt he tympanic membrane to the oval window. malleus, incus, stapes