Science 101 Test 2

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When a chocolate bar is cut in half, its density is unchanged
If the volume of an object were to double while its mass stays the same, its density would half
Water pressure is greatest against the bottom of a submerged object
Pumic is a volcanic rock that floats. Its density is equal to the density of water
The reason that buoyant force acts upward on a submerged object is that upward pressure against the bottom is greater than downward pressure against the top of the submerged object
What is the buoyant force acting on a 10 ton ship floating in the ocean? 10 tons
When gas in a container is squeezed to half its volume and the temperature remains the same, the gas pressure doubles
Atmospheric pressure is caused by weight of the atmosphere
A rising balloon is buoyed up with a force equal to the weight of air it displaces
Temperature is related mostly to the average molecular kinetic energy in a substance
The lowest temperature possible in nature is -273*C
Heat energy is measured in units of both Joules and calories
As a system becomes more disordered, entropy increases
A substance that heats up relatively quickly has a low specific heat capacity
The column of mercury in a mercury thermometer would rise when the temperature increases
A substance can absorb heat energy by the process of conduction, convection, and radiation
You're served coffee at a restaurant before you're ready to drink. In order for it to be the hottest when you're ready, add cream right away
If you want to cook eggs by boiling them while in the mountains, then compared to sea level cooking, you should boil the eggs for a longer time
The unit of electric charge, the coulomb, is the charge of a specific large number of electrons
When the distance between two charges is halved, the electrical force between the charges quadruples
The electrical force on a 2C charge is 60N. What is the value of the electric field at the place where the charge is located? 30 N/C
If you use 10J of work to push a coulomb of charge into an electric field, its voltage with respect to its starting position is 10V
An ampere is a unit of electrical current
the current through a 10 ohm resistor connected to a 120V power supply is 10.0A
A 10 ohm resistor has 5A current in it. What is the voltage across the resistor? 50V