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Q: Just as a traveler needs a map for a journey, a speaker needs a map for a speech. This detailed map of a speech is?

A: A preparation outline

Q: Writing down your main ideas, sub points, and supporting material, then using geometric shapes and arrows to indicate logical relationships is a technique known as?

A: Mapping

Q: The delivery outline is?

A: Much shorter than the preparation outline and tailored to the individual speaker

Q: According to the text, what is the purpose of using complete sentences in a preparation outline?

A: This will help you judge the coherence of the speech

Q: What does your textbook state is the major benefit of using standard outline form?

A: It points out relationships between ideas and supporting material

Q: What tip does your textbook suggest regarding the use of speaking notes?

A: Type or print information so that it can be easily read

Q: A general rule of thumb when estimating the time frame for your introduction and conclusion is to remember that?

A: The introduction and the conclusion should each represent 10 percent of your speaking time.

Q: On the evaluation for your previous two speeches, you received a comment about a “speedy vocal delivery.” You want to make sure not to repeat that mistake on your next speaking assignment, so you write in the margins of your note cards “slow down.” Is this proper for speaking notes?

A: Yes; comments like this are effective delivery reminders on speaking notes?

Q: Delivery a speech in a conversational style from a well-developed and researched outline is termed?

A: Extemporaneous delivery

Q: Behaviors such as eye contact, appropriate gestures, and physical closeness that enhance the quality of the relationship between the speaker and listeners is known as?

A: Immediacy behaviors

Q: An attitude that one’s own cultural approaches are superior to those of other cultures in termed?

A: Ethnocentrism

Q: When asked to deliver a speech at the last moment, the type of delivery style you will use is?

A: Impromptu

Q: Which of the following statements is the best guideline for using gestures in a speech?

A: Make your gestures appropriate to the situation and audience

Q: The minister pounds his fist on the podium when he says the words “sin” and “evil”. What function does this form of nonverbal communication serve?

A: Emphasizing

Q: Words such as ”dint,” “morning,” “gunna,” and “wanna” are all examples of poor?

A: Articulation

Q: A lengthy illustration with a plot beginning, climatic point, and end-is called?

A: An extended illustration

Q: A figurative analogy is?

A: In the form of a metaphor or simile

Q: When someone, who is a recognized authority in a specialized area, states his/her opinion, this is considered?

A: Expert testimony

Q: Using sensory information, or “word pictures”, which allows your audience to mentally see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something is a process known as?

A: Description

Q: Government agencies, independent survey organizations, or scholarly research reports can be considered reliable sources because they are?

A: Reputable

Q: When using a literary quotation as supporting material, it is best to?

A: Be sure and keep the quote brief

Q: In his speech about date rape on college campuses, Ryan cites statistics from state county law enforcement documents; then he includes statistics from incidents on his own campus. Which principle of selecting the best supporting material is Ryan using?

A: Proximity

Q: When Jessica cited the number of people dying everyday in Sudan’s civil war, her audience responded apathetically. Jessica made every attempt to support her topic in provocation, ethical ways, but just couldn’t seem to elicit the interest she wanted from her listeners. What textbook suggestion regarding the use of supporting material best relates to this situation?

A: The information may not have had enough proximity to people’s lives to generate interest

Q: The method speaker uses to arrange her or his main idea is termed?

A: The organization pattern

Q: Organizing speech ideas according to direction and location is a?

A: Spatial pattern

Q: Words and gestures, that allow you to move smoothly from one idea to the next throughout the speech, are known as?

A: Signposts

Q: In addition to using a preview that the beginning of the speech, speakers can use ______ previews at various points throughout the speech?

A: Internal

Q: After speakers have organized their main points, what is the next step?

A: Dividing main points into sub points.

Q: The main reason to use previews, summaries, and signposts is to?

A: Keep your audience on track with your speech

Q: In his speech on varying explanations of how the earth came into existence, Eduardo begins with opinions, moves to inferences, and uses scientific facts in support of his last point. What principle of supporting material organization is Eduardo reflecting in his speech?

A: “soft” to “hard” evidence

Q: In her presentation to the school board about plans for the new physical fitness facilities, Miss Anderson described the various workout areas, gyms, locker rooms, and physical therapy facilities. Which organizational patter was Miss Anderson using in her presentation?

A: Spatial

Q: Every speech you give will have three basic parts; the first part is?

A: The introduction

Q: Credibility is?

A: The attitude listeners hold toward a speaker

Q: What is the purpose of the technique when a speaker makes reference to the introduction in the conclusion?

A: Providing a sense of closure

Q: A speaker who describes her or his main points as part of the introduction is utilizing what device?

A: A preview statement

Q: What should a speech conclusion do?

A: Summarize the main ideas

Q: When Gloria said, “So we must all do something to end domestic violence; we must all be prepared to confront this issue in our own neighborhoods and homes, so that we become part of the solution, not part of the problem,” you recognize this as?

A: A statement to motivate the audience to respond

Q: In developing her speech on scuba diving, Rachael is trying to decide whether or not to tell the audience in her introduction that she has been a diver since she was a freshman in high school. She wonders if this will help or hurt her credibility. What textbook advice applies here?

A: Rachael should give a brief, credibility-building explanation of her experience with the topic.

Q: In his speech about registering to vote, Dan explains the new legislation that allows voter registration to coincide with driver’s license renewal. But he concludes the speech by stating that any person who is not registered should go by several locations that he has listed on the chalkboard and register in time for the next election. Finally, Dan reiterates: “Everyone please register to vote; it’s your right and your duty as a citizen.” What aspect of effective conclusions has Dan utilized?

A: An appeal to action on the part of the audience

Q: A consistent style of pronouncing words that is common to an ethnic group or geographic region is?

A: Dialect