Psychology Chapter 1

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In a controlled experiment, the group subjected to a change in the independent variable is called the _______ group. Experimental
Which school of psychology assumes that human activity cannot be broken down into separate units for analyses but must be evaluated as wholes? Gestalt

Which of the following is a true statement?
1)a psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of emotional disturbances.
2)clinical psychologists treat severe psychological disturbances andpsychiatrists treat mild disorders
a psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of emotional disturbances
Research in which a carefully selected group of people is asked a set of predetermind questions in interviews or through questionnaries is known as ________. Survey Research
Dr. Welsh is doing experiments using drugs. He is concerned that his subjects will respond to demand characteristics. He may want to control this by using what? A Placebo
Cognitive psychology is contributing to the development of _____, which attempts to make computers learn and solve problems the way people do. Artificial Intellegence
In an experiment, a researcher manipulates one variable to see how it affects a second variable. The manipulated variable is called the____. Independent Variable
The purpose of an experiment is to discover whether there is a relationship between the ____ and the ____. Independent and dependent variable
The psychological school that asks, "What are mental processes for?" rather than "What are mental processes?" is which one? Functionalism
Political polls taken before major elections are examples of _____ research. Survey
Each day in class, Dr. Helms explains to his students that they are wonderful whether they are academic successes or failures. He also points out that each individual consciouly chooses to attend class and study and that theses choices dramatically affect whether one is academically succesful. Dr. Helms is most likely a ____ psychologist. humanistic
F. Skinner is associated with ______. Behaviorism
Experimenter bias can best be controlled using____. Double-blind control
A group of psychologists study how adults change and grow, both psychologically and physiologically, as they age. These psychologists are most like_____. development psychologists
A group of students were asked to write an essay in support of the legalization of weed. They were paid $.50. Another group of students received $2 for the same taks. It was subsequently found that those students who received only $.50 developed amore positive attitude towards the legalization of weed. The experiment in this study was using (the) ________. Experimental method
The greatest disaddvantage of correlation is: It doesn't enable cause-and-effect conclusions
Naturalistic observation is ____. studying behavior in its natural context
Cognitive psychologist are concerned with the scientific study of ______. Mental processes
In an experiment, the group of subjects to which the experimental group is compared is called the ____. Control group
A detailed, well-researched biography of a famous historical person is technically an example of the _____ method of research. case study
The survey method of research is ______ in nature. correlation
Structutalism emphasizes _______. the basic units of experience and their combination
Psychologists use techniques based on ____. The scientific method
Like Watson, Skinner believed that psychology should study only _____. Observable behavior
Expectations by the experimenter that might influence the results of an experiment or their interpretation are called _____. Experimenter Bias
John Watson was the founder of the school of thought that became known as ______. behaviroism
The process of establishing causal relationship is associated most with: experiments
The degree of relationship between two or more variables is ______. Correlation
A correlation of .00 means ______. The two variables are unrelated
A psychologist uses the correlation method to _____. identify relationships between variables
As children grow older, their discretionary income usually increases. The best conclusion to draw about the cariables age and income are that they are ____. positively correlated
Which of the following is the correct order which psychologists use in studying a particular behavior? describe, explain, predict, control
Anything that follows a response, making that response more likely to recur, is ______. reinforcement
Freud was the founder of _____. psychoanalysis
In an experiment to test the effects of anziety on performance, the dependent vaiable is the ______. person's performance
Positve correlation shows _____. that as one variable changes, another changes in the same direction
A sample that doesn't truly represent the population in question is known as a _____ sample. biased
Psychologists use research techniques based on _____. The scientific method
Steve, a college sophomore, is seeeing a psychologist because of his intense fear of people. His counselor feels that Steve's fear is a product of unresovled conflicts about his parents, and his childhood experiences with them. Steve's therapist is most characteristic to which school of psychology? psychoanalytic
A large group of people whom ou want to know about is called a _____. population