Physics Test 3

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Does the frequency of a simple pendulum depend on its mass, the acceleration due to gravity, or its length? Two of these.
Energy transfer by convection is primarily restricted to... Fluids.
A plasma differs from a gas in that... It is electrically conducting.
A node is a position of... Minimum amplitude.
Atmospheric pressure is caused by the... weight of the atmosphere.
When you touch a cold piece of ice with your finger, energy flows... From your finger to the ice.
The volume of matter comes mostly from its... Electrons.
Caruso is said to have made a crystal chandelier shatter with his voice. This is a demonstration of... Resonence.
Pour a liter of water at 40 degrees C into a liter of water at 20 degrees C and the final temperature of the water becomes... At or about 30 degrees C.
As a helium-filled balloon rises in the air, it becomes... Bigger.
A wave oscillates up and down two complete cycles each second. If the wave travels at an average distance of 6 meters in one second, its wavelength is... 3 m.
The pressure in a liquid depends on liquid... Depth and density.
Doubling the linear size of an object multiplies its area by... 4 and its volume by 8.
Which has the greater density, a lake full of water or a cup full of lake water? Both have the same density.
Airplane flight best illustrates... Bernoulli's Principle.
When a pendulum clock at sea level is taken to the top of a high mountain, it will... Lose time.
Your feet feel warmer on a rug than on your tile floor because your rug... Is a better insulator than your tile.
The moderate temperature of islands throughout the world has much to do with the water's... High specific heat.
An observer on the ground hears a sonic boom which is created by an airplane flying at a speed... Greater than the speed of sound.
The approximate range of human hearing is... 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz.
Sound travels faster in... Steel.
A wooden block has a mass of 1000 kg and a volume of 2 cubic meters. What is the block's density? 500 kg per cubic meter.
A standing wave occurs when... A wave reflects upon itself.
A liter of hot water will cool to room temperature faster in a... Black pot.
Substances absorb heat energy by the process(es) of... Conduction, radiation, and convection.
Most of the matter in the universe is in the... Plasma state.
Two equal sized buckets are filled to the top with water. One of the buckets has a piece of wood floating in it, making its total weight... Equal too the weight of the other bucket.
Which of these atoms has the greatest number of electrons: uranium, carbon, gold, helium, or iron? Uranium.
the phenomenon of beats results from sound... Interference.
One of the main reasons one can walk barefoot on red-hot coals without burning their feet has to do with... Low thermal conductivity of the coals.
A rock suspended by a string weighs 5 N out of water and 3 N when submerged. What is the buoyant force on the rock? 2 N.
What makes an element distinct? The number of protons.
Atoms heavier than hydrogen were made by... Nuclear fusion.
On a windy day, atmospheric pressure... Decreases.
Like a transverse wave, a longitudal wave has... Amplitude, frequency, wavelength, and speed.
The fact that a thermometer "takes its own temperature" illustrates... Thermal equilibrium.
A temperature difference if 10 degrees C is also equal to a temperature difference of 10 on the... Kelvin scale.
The vibrations of a transverse wave move in a direction... At right angles to the direction of wave travel.
A spring is stretched by 10 cm by a suspended 1-kg block. If two such springs side by side are used to suspend the block, ,so each spring supports half the weight of the block, then each spring will stretch... 5 cm.
If the volume of an object were to double while its mass stays the same, its density would... halve.