Physics First Semester Final Review

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Area of physics that studies motion and its causes. Mechanics
According to the scientific method, how should conclusions be stated? in a form that can be evaluated by others
SI unit to measure mass gram
Poor precision in scientific measurement may arise from? humman error
A baker making a loaf of bread deals with which area of physics thermodynamics
According to the scientific method, why do physicist make observations and collect data? to ask a question
Delta means difference or change
SI unit for time second
mm represents millimeter
area of physics that studies heat and temperature thermodynamics
listening to your favorite radio station involves which area of physics vibrations and wave phenomena
A hiker uses a compass to navigate through the woods. Identify the area of physics that this involves electromagnetism
According to the scientific method, how does a physicist formulate and objectively test hypotheses? by experiments
The most appropriate SI unit for measuring the length of an automobile is the meter
If some measurements agree closely with each other but differ widely from the actual value, these measurements are precise but not accurate
The Greek letter delta, D, indicates a(n) difference or change
The Greek letter sigma, S, indicates a(n sum
What is the symbol for a time interval? Dt
What is the speed of an object at rest? 0.0 m/s
A dolphin swims 1.85 km/h. How far has the dolphin traveled after 0.60 h? (s = d / t) 1.1 km
Acceleration is rate of change of velocity
When velocity is positive and acceleration is negative, what happens to the object’s motion? object slows down
A toy car is given an initial velocity of 5.0 m/s and experiences a constant acceleration of 2.0 m/s2. What is the final velocity after 6.0 s? 17 m/s
A soccer ball is kicked horizontally. What is its average speed if its displacement is 21.0 m after 4.00 s? (s = d/t) 5.25 m/s
Which of the following is a value for the acceleration of objects in free fall? –9.81 m/s2
Acceleration due to gravity is also called free fall acceleration
Objects that are falling toward Earth move faster and faster
Which would hit the ground first if dropped from the same height in a vacuum, a feather or a metal bolt? they would hit the ground at the same time
Which would fall with greater acceleration in a vacuum, a leaf or a stone? they accelerate at the same rate
physphysical quantity that has a magnitude but no direction? scalar
physiphysical quantity that has both magnitude and direction? vector
example of a vector quantity? velocity
Which of the following is the motion of objects moving in two dimensions under the influence of gravity? projectile motion