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anti, contra against
arthro joint
algia pain
brachio arm
angio vessel
ab away from
cervico neck
cephal head
ad to, toward
bio life
cyto cell
ante front, before
ex out of
hemi half
fibro fiber
dermo skin
ectomy removal of
costo rib
flex bend
gram record
ic pertaining to
itis inflammation
oma tumor
quad four
myo muscle
osseo bony tissue
neuro nervous tissue
retro backward
trans across
syn together
pulmo lung
vertebro spine
tropho growth
Leuko White
Macro Big
Kine Movement
Hydro Water
Hepa Liver
Glyco Sugar
Patho Disease
Pre Before
Tri Three
Uni One
Thermo Heat
Syn Together
Retro Behind
Oto Ear
Con Together
Cardio Heart
Mal Bad
a Without, away from
Supra Above
Peri Around
Mono One
Circum Around
Dia Through
Endo Within, inner
Neo New
Carcin/o Cancer
Gastro Stomach
Immun/o Immune
Thorac/o Chest
Logy Study of
Ectomy Surgical removal
Plasia Development
Pathy Disease
Nephro/o Kidney
Neur/o Nerve
Psycho/o Mind
Hyper Over,above
Hypo Under, below
Dis Separate, apart from