NCCT Test Review For Medical Assistant ( Medical Terminology)

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The medical term for the time when menstruation begins is? Menarche
The medical term for when menstruation stops is? Menopause
The medical term for paralysis from the waist down is? Paraplegia
The medical term for moving a body part away from the body? abduction
The medical term for moving a body part toward the midline of the body is? adduction
The medical term for tube feeding is? gavage
The common term for a decubitus ulcer: a pressure sore? bed sore
Removal of synovial fluid from a joint is called? arthrocentesis
A condition seen in infancy due to a deficiency in vitamin D characterized by softening of the bone is called? Rickets
Abnormal S-shaped lateral curavature of the spine is called? Scoliosis
What is the name of the structure in the heart which distributes the electical impulse to the ventricles? Purkinje fibers
The temperature taken at the armpit is the? Axillary temperature
What is a break in a bone (without penetration) of the sin surface over the fracture site called? closed fracture
Inflammation of the eyelid is called? blepharitis