Michigan Bird Identification

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Spatula like bill
Order AnseriformesFamily Anatidae:Canada Goose

lots of colors; red bill with black nail; red eye
Order AnseriformesFamily Anatidae: Wood Duck

green head; white ring around head; yellow bill
Order AnseriformesFamily Anatidae: Mallard

very long tail; white ring around the neck with green head; red bare skin at eye
Order GalliformesFamily Phasianidae: Ring-Necked Pheasant

bare head; brown and black feathers
Order GalliformesFamily Meleagrididae: Wild Turkey

sharp, daggar-like bill; black and white checkerboard pattern
Order GaviiformesFamily Gaviidae: Common Loon

long dagger-like bill; neck folded in an "S" shape
Order CiconiiformesFamily Ardeidae: Great Blue Heron

dark body; no skin on the head; hawk-like curved bill
Order FalconiformesFamily Cathartidae: Turkey Vulture

halk-like curved bill; brown upper surface with white below
Order FalconiformesFamily Pandionidae: Osprey

all brown body; bright yellow legs/bill; white head/tail
Order FalconiformesFamily Accipitridae: Bald Eagle

red tail; brown/cream colored bird
Order FalconiformesFamily Accipitridae: Red-Tailed Hawk

red patch on head; long bill
Order GruiformesFamily Gruidae: Sandhill Crane

small bird; two black bands across the chest; brown on the top/white on the bottom
Order CharadriiformesFamily Charadriidae: Killdeer

black ring around the bill; yellow legs
Order CharadriiformesFamily Laridae: Ring-Billed Gull

red spot on the bill; pink legs
Order CharadriiformesFamily Laridae: Herring Gull

bit or iridescence on the throat
Order ColumbiformesFamily Columbidae: Rock Pigeon

slimmer with long tail; little spotting on the wings; white on the edge of the tail
Order ColumbiformesFamily Columbidae: Mourning Dove

wings go really really fast; look like cigar with wings
Order ApodiformesFamily Apodidae: Chimney Swift

bright red throat; long bill; green
Order ApodiformesFamily Trochilidae: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

blue body with white below; big crest on the top; bill pointy
Order CoraciiformesFamily Alcedinidae: Belted Kingfisher

red on top of the head; plain on the frong; zebra-like patterning on the back
Order PiciformesFamily Picidae: Red-Bellied Woodpecker

white below; black on th back; bill is much smaller than the depth of the head
Order PiciformesFamily Picidae: Downy Woodpecker

white below; black on the back; bill is the depth of the head
Order PiciformesFamily Picidae: Hairy Woodpecker

obvious white rump when they fly; black half circle on chest; black mustache; dark spots on its belly
Order PiciformesFamily Picidae: Northern Flicker

lemon yellow belly; grey throat; reddish rusty color on the wings and tail
Order PasseriformesFamily Tyrannidae: Great Crested Flycatcher

all grey on the back and all white on the front; nice white tip on the tail
Order PasseriformesFamily Tyrannidae: Eastern Kingbird

blue body with black striping on the tail and wings; crest on head; black patterning on the head
Order PasseriformesFamily Corvidae: Blue Jay

everything is dull black; eyes, bill, and legs
Order PasseriformesFamily Corvidae: American Crow

white body with black and chin; little round puffball
Order PasseriformesFamily Paridae: Black-Capped Chickadee

dull gray color; crest on the head; blank face look
Order PasseriformesFamily Paridae: Tufted Titmouse

similar in habits to woodpeckers; long, unturned bill; black top of the head; nice white face
Order PasseriformesFamily Sittidae: White-Breasted Nuthatch

Bright blue bird with orange on the chest and white on the belly
Order PasseriformesFamily Turdidae: Eastern Bluebird

grey on the back; orange on the front
Order PasseriformesFamily Turdidae: American Robin

all grey; darker on the cap, black eye, black bill; brown under the tail
Order PasseriformesFamily Mimidae: Gray Catbird

elongated body with long tail; rusty brown color; yellow body; long bill that is slightly de-curved
Order PasseriformesFamily Mimidae: Brown Thrasher

Dark bird withh yellow bill; body is colored in iridescence; short tail; awkward walkers
Order PasseriformesFamily Sturnidae: European Starling

yellow tip of the tail; black mask; red feather tips
Order PasseriformesFamily Bombycillidae: Cedar Waxwing

Yellow body; rusty streaks on the front
Order PasseriformesFamily Parulidae: Yellow Warbler

Black bird with orange on it ; white belly
Order PasseriformesFamily Parulidae: American Redstart

Yellow on the throat; black mask with white above it; olive color
Order PasseriformesFamily Parulidae: Common Yellowthroat

bright red with black wings and black tail
Order PasseriformesFamily Thraupidae: Scarlet Tanager

black bird on top that comes to a point on the chest; white belly; red-eyed; rusty orange sides
Order PasseriformesFamily Emberizidae: Eastern Towhee

brown bird; blank white/grey chest with no streaks; grey rump
Order PasseriformesFamily Emberizidae: Chipping Sparrow

all brown with streaks on the chest; usually one dark central spot on the chest
Order PasseriformesFamily Emberizidae: Song Sparrow

all red bird with black on the face
Order PasseriformesFamily Cardinalidae: Northern Cardinal

black bird on the top with some white patterning; white belly with red chest (inverted triangle); thick bill
Order PasseriformesFamily Cardinalidae: Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

blue bird
Order PasseriformesFamily Cardinalidae: Indigo Bunting

black bird with red on the shoulders
Order PasseriformesFamily Icteridae: Red-Winged Blackbird

front is bright yellow with a dark "v" on the neck/chest; top is brown and streaked; short tail; chunky
Order PasseriformesFamily Icteridae: Eastern Meadowlark

elongated body shape; yellow eye
Order PasseriformesFamily Icteridae: Common Grackle

all dark bird with brown head
Order PasseriformesFamily Icteridae: Brown-Headed Cowbird

black bird with an orange belly and chest
Order PasseriformesFamily Icteridae: Baltimore Oriole

yellow with black head tips and black/white on the wings
Order PasseriformesFamily Fringillidae: American Goldfinch

lblack area on the front of the throat; top of the head is grey; side of the head is a rich brown; bottom is plain grayish white; short beak
Order PasseriformesFamily Passeridae: House Sparrow