Meteorology Test- Chapter 4

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During the process of adiabatic cooling, the temperature decreases because the air has... expanded to a larger volume
A cold air mass that is warmed at its base from contact with the warm ground will have its lapse rate... increased
Adiabatic processes are only important for air... which is rising or sinking
Natural convection and turbulence are most likely to occur when... temperature decreases rapidly with height
The relative humidity is 40% and the mixing ratio at saturation is 20 grams per kilogram. What is the actual mixing ratio? 8 gm/kg
The most common reason why dew forms on the grass at night is that... temperatures are coolest in the grass
The buoyancy of a rising air parcel is greatly affected by... heat released if water vapor condenses
If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will _____ the dew point and _____ the relative humidity. increase, decrease
The capacity of the air to hold water vapor... increases with an increase in temperature
________ results in the release of about 600 calories of latent heat per gram. Condensation
The vertical motions that occur when the air is unstable are termed... convection
The property which primarily controls how much water can be present as a gas is... temperature of the air
The change of state from gas to liquid is called... condensation
The temperature of rising air parcels ______ as they move upward. decreases
The atmosphere is most unstable when the temperature of the air ______ with height. drops rapidly
When the dry and wet bulb temperatures measured by a psychrometer are equal, all but one of the following is true. Which one is false? a rise in temperature would cause condensation
If air at sea level with a temperature of 27degreeC is forced up a mountain slope and the air's dew point at the condensation level is 14degreeC, at what elevation will condensation begin? 1300 meters
As the temperature of air is reduced to its dew point, which of these is most likey to occur? condensation
The most important process of cloud formation in the atmosphere is... cooling by expansion of air
The gas most responsible for atmospheric processes is... water vapor
During a clear, relatively calm day, the relative humidity will tend to ______ from sunrise to early afternoon. decrease
Which of the following would not be associated with stable atmospheric conditions? afternoon thundershowers
As liquid water is evaporated into the atmosphere, heat energy is... absorbed by the evaporating water
Sinking or subsiding air cannot form clouds due to the... warming temperatures
Evaporation is a process which tends to keep temperatures cooler where it occurs. This is because evaporation... uses energy to change the phase of water instead of warming it
Relative humidity indicates the... nearness to saturation of the air
The stability of an air layer refers to its... tendency to either sustain or suppress vertical motions
Absolute humidity changes with... temperature and pressure
Assuming the wet adiabatic rate was 0.6degreeC per 100 meters and the mountain was 2500 meters high, what would the temperature of rising air be at the top of the mountain? 6.8degreeC
Why does a rising air parcel cool off? it expands
An adiabatic process is one in which the... heat exchanged with the surroundings is zero
Water vapor constitutes about this much of the atmosphere by volume... 0-4 percent
The change in the free air temperature as you go up into the atmosphere is called... lapse rate
The dew point is the temperture at which... water vapor condenses to a liquid
The amount of water vapor in the air (by volume) usually does not exceed... 4%
Which of these pairs of processes, working together, will make the atmosphere most unstable? warm the surface and cool the air aloft
An increase in the lapse rate of an air layer results in the layer becoming... less stable
When water vapor condenses, the heat involved... is released to the nearby air
The two changes of state that are the most important part of the water cycle for the atmosphere would be... evaporation, condensation
A convergence of winds near the surface is associated with cloud production because it... forces the air to rise
We are likely to have our highest relative humidity... about sunrise
______ results in the release of 80 calories of latent heat per gram. none of the above (deposition)
The lapse rate of an air layer next to the ground is strongly influenced by... heating or cooling of the ground
A large temperature lapse rate would occur in a layer with... cold air above, warm air above
Deserts such as the Great Basin, Gobi, and Takla Makan are examples of... rain shadow deserts
The heat released when water vapor condenses to form a cloud or when liquid droplets freeze in a cloud... helps the cloud to raise higher
When using a psychrometer, if the two temperatures read nearly the same you can conclude that... the air has a high relative humidity
The stability of the air layer close to the Earth's surface can vary markedly. Much of this variation is caused by... changes in heating or cooling of the surface
Relative humidity depends on the water vapor present in the air and the... temperature
_______ occurs when a solid turns directly to a gas without passing through the liquid phase. Sublimation
A stable atmosphere is one in which... vertical motions are resisted
A parcel of air has a temperature of 0degreeC as it crosses a mountain range at 3000 meters. If it descends, what will its temperature be when it reaches sea level? 30degreeC
The actual amount of water vapor in the air is greatest for which of the following combinations of temperature and relative humidity? 20degreeC, 100%
Which of the following will not cause air to become more unstable? subsidence of an air column