Geology Oceans

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Earth is about 4.6 billion years old
In the scientific method it must be... tested and verified by observations
T/F Humanity did not spread virtually to all inhabitable areas after the European Voyages of discovery in the late 1400's and early 1500's False
Why did the Chinese abandon ocean explorations in 1433? Political winds changed and the cost of the exercise was too great
This was the first man to publish a reasonably accurate map of oceans currents Ben Franklin
Glomar Challenger is known mainly for .. taking the first deep sea sediments
Earth is layered inside, different thickness and densities. How do geologists know this? From observing transit times of waves through hte earth by earthquakes
The magnetic striping of the seafloor is considered evidence of seafloor spreading and... periodic reversals int he polarity of the earth's magnetic field
an example of an object in buoyant equilibrium would be Ice cube in water and plates on heavier material
A mystery in understanding plate tectonics has until recently thought to be... None of the above. It's due to gravity
An early proponent of continental drift whose work was not well accepted was... Alfred Wagner
Youngest seafloor rocks are found where? near the rift valleys of the mid ocean ridge
Hydrothermal vents are located near where? Active areas of seafloor spreading
Basaltic rock ...? Comprises the actual seafloor
The first life forms on Earth arose more than ... 3.5 billion years ago
Challenger Expedition (James Cook) was what? First 100% pure scientific oceanographic expedition
Earths spherical shape recognized by Eratosthenes
When 2 oceanic plates collide what will happen? a trench will form and large earthquakes will occur
The ocean originated from what? Volcanic gores and radioactive heating of the earth interior, and the heating of the surface by meteorites
The earth is still hot on the inside because..? of the decay of large radioactive elements that are allow the earths inner layers to heat
Most of the matter in the universe appears to consist of what? Hydrogen gas
The first awareness of the spherical shape of the Earth developed in Europe around 1450 with the work of Henry and Navigator. T/F False
The first person to develop a picture of the large scale wind and current systems of the earth was who? Eratosthenes of Cyrene
Evidence suggests the universe began about 14 billion years ago in a ... supernova
Which of the following statements does NOT describe subduction zones ? they are sitting where lithospheric plates are diverging or pulling apart
The mid-ocean ridges are recognized as ... divergent plate boundaries
The earth's oldest rocks are found ..? At the cores of the continents
The word "oceanography" was first coined in association with...? the challenger expedition
At which of these locations is the Earth's crust thickest? Beneath Jasper, high in the Rocky Mountains
1st person to form picture wind and current systems of the earth was? Matthew Maury
Wilson's Cycle describes what? The birth and death of ocean basins
Evidence suggests the universe began about 14 billion years ago in a what? Cataclysmic expansion of enery and matter
Lithospheric plates move how much per year? 3cm
The atmosphere was not as... dense as it was before