IME Phlebotomy 2010 - Quiz 2

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What part of the term OSTEOCHONDRITIS is the suffix? Itis
True or false? in ther term "hyponatremia" hypo is the prefix? True
You are the only phlebotomist in an outpatient drawing center. A physician orders a test with which your are not familiar. What is the most approprate action to take? Refer to the lab specimen collection manual for instruction
The singular form of alveoli is Alveola
What would be the term for muscle pain? Myalgia

Examples of quality control are all of the following except?
A) Checking expiration dates of evacuated tubes
B) Documenting maintenance on cetrifuge
C) Filling out your time sheet daily
D) Recording refrigerator temperature daily
C) Filling out your time sheet daily
What is the medical term for inflamation of the kidney? Nephritis

A prefix.....
A) Adds information about a term
B) Modifies the meaning of a term
C) Precedes the word root
D) All of the above
D) All of the above

The JCAHO "DO NOT USE" list applies to all of the following except
A) Handwritten medication related documents
B) Handwritten laboratory reports
C) Electronic laboratory reports
D) Items written on preprinted forms

C) Electronic laboratory reports
NOTE: Nothing handwritten is allowed
Which of the following terms means kidney inflamation? Nephritis
What is the suffix in ther term "LIPASE"? ase
What word means "Condidtion of clotting" Thrombosis
What do the suffixes -ac, -al, and -ic mean? Pertaining to

Which of the following is NOT among the steps involved in improving the quality of a service?
A) Identify problems
B) Proposes solutions
C) Experiment
D) Impliment changes
C) Experiment

Which of the following organizations is concerned with improving the quality care jprovided by organized health care facilities?

The letter "g" is pronounced like a "j" in....
A) Gamete
B) Gestation
C) Glycolysis
D) Guaiac
B) Gestation
What word means "hardening of the artery"? Atheriosclerosis
A non profit, standards-developing organization with respresentitives from the profeesion, industry and governemtn who use a concensus process to develop voluntary guidelins and standards for all areas of the laboratoy is CLSI
__________ is a not-for-profit organization made up of pathologists in the field of laboratory medicine. CAP

JCAHO issued the "DO NOT USE" list
A) To reduce medical errors
B) To elimiinate dangerous abbreviations
C) To prevent incorrect interpretations of terminology
D) All of the above.
D) All of the above
One of the key players in brining quality assessment review techniques to healthcare is ________ JCAHO
The medical term for white blood cell is Leukocyte
What does the suffix of the term "Glycolysis" means? Breakdown

A specimen was mislabeled on the floor. You are required tofill out an incident report form. What information would you not include?
A) Description of the consequences
B) Details of the corrective action taken
C) Explaination of the problem
D) Suggestion for new guidelines
D) Suggestion for new guidelines
Who is the father of TQM? Dr. W. E. Demming

A leader in TQM, Dr. W. E. Demming's method required
A) Active participation by the workers in decision making
B) Deiscussion of test results with the patient
C) Inspections by OSHA
D) Setting phlebotomy standards for venipuncture
A) Active participation by the workers in decision making
The abreviation UTI stands for?
Urinary Tract Infcation
This is the most common noso comial infection in the hosptial

An example of a QA indicator is.....
A) All phlebotomists will follow universal precautions
B) No eating, drinking, or smoking allowed in laboratorywork areas
C) The contamination rate for blood cultures will not exceed the national contamination rate.
D) Wearing laboratory coats when on break
C) The contamination rate for blood cultures will not exceed thenational contamination rate

Which of the following word parts is a prefix?
A) epi
B) ology
C) lysis
D) my
)A) epi (above

Which of the following organizations provides accreditation to clinical laboratories that have appropriate quality control procedures in place? These clinical laboratories must implement these procedures in a manner acceptable to standards.

When labeling a specimen you must include:
A) Two unique identifiers (Example: patient first, last name, and date of birth)
B) Date and time of collection
C) Phlebotomists's initials
D) All of the above
D) All of the above
What medical term means "joint inflamation"? Arthritis
What is the word root in "electrocardiogram"? Cardi

All of the following are included on the JCAHO "Do not use" list except
B) U
The plural form of ovum is_______? ova

Which of the following is not a priciple of quality management?
A) Constant improvement
B) Customer Satisfaction
C) Employee participation
D) Reduction in staff
D) Reduction in staff
The "O" located between 'path' and 'logist' in ther term 'pathologist' is called what? Combining vowel

The 'c' sounds like an "s" in which of the following terms?
A) Coagulation
B) Cardiac
C) Cellular
D) Culture
C) Cellular
The term "polycythemia" means? Many-cell blood condition
What does the suffix "ist" mean? One who specializes in
Ture or False? The word roots "nephr" and "ren" both refer to the liver?
They both refer to the kidnies.