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Jane is 40 years old. Her main task, according to Erikson will be to develop a sense of: Generativity
Jeremy is 18 years old. According to Erikson, his chief task will be acruiring a sense of: Identity
Erik is a newborn. According to Erikson, his main task will be to develop a sense of: Trust
Ann is 5 years old and entering kindergarten. According to Erikson, her main task is to develop a sense of: Initiative
The mother of a young child who didn't like to drink milk was trying to coak him to drink some. She took his glass of milk and poured it all into a smaller cup and said, "there, now you don't have as much to drink". This tactic works because the child does not yet understand the principles of: Conservation
According to Piaget, abstract thinking doesn't begin until what stage? Formal
Games like "Peek- a- Boo" and "Hide - and - Seek" are especially worthwhile activities for babies because they help them develop a sense of: Object Permanence
What is the correct order of Piaget's four stages of Cognitive Development?

According to our text, personality is not which of these:
a) enduring b) unique
c) unpredictable d) stable

c) Unpredictable
In other words, personality is NOT unpredictable
All psychodynamic theorists share the sense that personality is primarily determined by: Unconscious processes
The proper chronical order of Freud's psychosexual stages is:
According to Jung, our repressed thoughts, undeveloped ideas, and forgotten experiences are contained in the: Personal unconscious
Adler felt that a driving force in shaping personality was overcoming feelings of: Inferiority
For Horney, submission, aggression, and detachment are all examples of: Neurotic trends
Erikson outlined ___stages of human development. Eight
When an individual's self-concept is closely matched with his or her inborn capacities, then that person is likely to become what Rogers calls a(an)_____________.. Fully functioning person
The "Big Five" model was proposed by _____________ theorists. Trait
Barney is a person who believes that he can control his own fate. He feels that by hard work, skill, and training, it is possible to avoid punishments and find rewards. Rotter would say that Barney has a(n) _______________ locus of control. Internal
Psychology is the scientific study of: behavior and mental processes
A group of psychologists study human mental and physical growth from the prenatal period through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. They are mostly what type of psychologists? Develepmental psychologists.

Each of the following is one of five enduring issues of psychology EXCEPT:
a) mind-body b) stability-change
c) diversity-universitality d) situation-group
d) Situation group
A scientist decides to solve a problem by collecting data through careful, systematic observation, developing theories, making predictions based on those theories, and systematically testing those predictions. The scientist is using: The scientific method
A central idea of funtionalism is that: Consciousness is a continuous flow
For Freud, much of our behavior is controlled by: Unconscious desires
The idea that psychology should focus on how people experience and perceive separate objects (such as dots) as whole patterns (such as lines, or objects) is a central concept of ________psychology. Gestalt psychology

Consider the following experiment:
Children are drawn from high, middle, and low income households. All the children are divided into two groups. One group watches "Sesame Street" on TV every day for a month. The other group watches cartoons. Both groups are given a test that measures creativity. In this study, what is the independent variable?
What the children watch on TV
A researcher goes to great lengths to ensure that the proportion of males and females in his study matches the proportion of males and females nationally. He is selecting a ____ sample. Representative
Neurons typically have how many axons and how many dendrites? One axpn and many dendrites.
The primary purpose of the myelin sheath is to: Insulate the neuron so it can transmit information more efficiently
During its resting state, the electrical charge inside the neuron is _________ the electrical charge outside the neuron. Negative, compared to
When a neural impulse reaches the end of an axon, it causes tiny oval sacs at the end of the axon to release chemicals called ___________. Neurotransmitters
The branch of the autonomic nervous system that calms and relaxes the body is th __________ division. Parasympathetic
A college student is having difficulty staying awake during the day and sleeping through the night. Her difficulties are MOST likely due to problems in the ________. Pons
The site of many mental processes that are unique to humans (self-awareness, initiative, planning ability, and goal directed behavior is the ___________________: Frontal lobe
The organ lying between the stomach and small intestine that secretes insulin and glucagons to regulate blood-sugar levels is the _______. Pancreas
Human beings have ____ pairs of chromasomes. 23
Jessica's mother has brown eyes, with a dominant gene for brown eyes and a recessive gene for blue eyes. Her father also has brown eyes, with a dominant gene for brown eyes and a recessive gene for blue eyes. What are the chances that Jessica has brown eyes? 75%

Auditory Information:
a) Fades at about the same rate a visual information
b) Fades more rapidly than visual information
c) Does not normally fade at all
d) Fades more slowly than visual information
d) Fades more slowly than visual information
The selection of some incoming information for further processing is called ___________. Attention
When you listen to a conversation or song on the radio, or watch a television show, you are using _______ to hold onto and think about new information coming in from the sensory registers. short-term memory

True or false:
Material is usually stored in long-term memory according to meaning.
A set of beliefs of expectations about something based on past experience is a(n)_______________ Schema
Semantic memory concerns ___________ while episodic memory concerns _____________.
General knowledge
Personal events
According to ________theory, memories deteriorate because the passage of time. Decay
Randy is recovering from an automobile accident in which he injured hes head. The only noticeable psychological symptom of his injury is that he cannot remember what happened immediately prior to the accident. Randy's symptoms are typical of _____________. Retrograde amnesia
Tim is studying for a test. After seven consecutive hours of studying, he finds he can remember what he just finished studying, but he can no longer remember what he studied five or six hours ago. Tim's memory problems are best explained by _____. Retroactive interference

True or false:

If people learn material while under the influence of caffeine, they are more likely to remember it the next time they are under the influence of caffeine.