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in their study of adolescents who were either blind, or were sighted, wolfe and Sacks found that: Student with low vision tend to earn the lowest grades
Donald Graves observations revealed that even young children go through an authoring process. what are the steps of the authoring process? Prewritting, Composing, and post-writing
In his writing, Gene represents sound features of a word in spelling develops particular spellings for long and short vowels and chooses letters on the basis of sound without regard for etc..... Phonetic
Mrs. Miller's fourth grade students often interrupted the student in the author's chair to make critical comments. wich strategy may help students provide constructive feedbck to each other? TAG
What is the most important goal of handwriting? Legibility
Even though the student centered model promotes creativity, it is not without critiscism. Wich is one of the critisism associated with this model? in the student centerd model teaching skills is not intensive enough for students with writting difficulties
Fernando a seventh grad student has difficulties with sentence construction. SOK
paul, an eleventh grader has developmental arithmetic disorder paul has probably had problems with mathematics diruing his entire school
Michael hates math, he gives up easly personal factors
There are several reasons why students display poor math performance. inapropriate or inadequate instruction
stresses direct instruction through a highly sequence format that provides feedback to students DISTAR Arithmetic Program
when teaching facts and mathematics computation, it will be important for you to monitor the progress of students with learning problems becouse they are less likely tolearn theses skills Throughout the process of problem solving