Fundamentals Of FF Skills 02

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Every team member is responsible to prevent injuries. Priority of safety on the fireground is: (3 in order).prevent injuries. •Priority of safety on the fireground is
1. Self
2. Other team members
3. Everyone else
A successful safety program will adress: (4)
1. Standards & procedures
2. Personnel
3. Training
4. Equipment
Each year about how many FFs are killed? 100
Leading cause of death for FFs is Heart attacks
Vehicle collisions - how many? 27% of fatalaties involved what? 1 collision per 1000 responses. 27% of fatalaties involved ejections. Wear your seatbelt.
Healthful lifestyle includes: (3)
1. a balanced diet
2. weight training
3. cardio
What are the benefits of a healthful lifestyle? (2)
1. reduce risk for heart disease
2. enable FFs to meet physical demands of job
How many FFs are fatally injured during training each year. about 9
Safety at emergency incidents includes: (10)
1. wait for officer in command to size up
2. use the buddy system
3. personnel acountability system
4. understand scence hazards
5. use tools & equip. safely
6. electrical safety
7. good lifting & moving techniques
8. weather safety
9. sufficient time in rehab.
10. violent scene safety
The buddy system includes: (6)
1. never work alone
2. if one team member needs to leave, everyone leaves
3. maintain visual, physical, or verbal contact at all times
4. check each other's PPE
5. have one radio per team
6. have a back-up team ready
PPE is essential to FF safety. It must provide full body protection from a variety of hazards. It includes: (10)
1. helmet - hard outer shell lined with energy absorbing material and suspension, with goggles or facemask
2. hood
3. turnout coat
4. bunker pants
5. boots
6. gloves
7. SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
8. PASS (Personal Alert Safety System)
9. hand light
10. radio (one/team)
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health
Respiratory hazards of fire: (4)
1. superheated air
2. toxic gases
3. oxygen-deficiency
4. smoke
Primary toxic gases in smoke: (3)
1. carbon monoxide
2. hydrogen cyanide
3. phosgene

Percentages of Oxygen and their affects:

Oxygen Deficient
Increased resp., Impaired judgement, coordination, & muscle control
Headache, diziness, nauseau, fatigue
Resp. Arrest, Cardiac Arrest, Death
Golden rule regarding hazardous air Assume the atmosphere is hazardous until it has been tested and proven to be safe
Open-circuit SCBA
most common for structural FF, exhaled air is released into the atmosphere through one way valve
Closed-cirucuit SCBA rarely used for structural FF, air is recycled by adding oxygen and removing carbon dioxide within closed system
Supplied air respirator hoseline to air compressor, sometiems used for special ops
Types of protection furnished by PPE: (7)
1. Thermal
2. Water
3. Impact
4. cuts & abrasions
5. padding against injury
6. increases your visibility
7. respiratory

Minimum SCBA time limit?
Weight of SCBA?

30 minutes
25 lbs
Components of SCBA (4)
1. backpack
2. harness
3. air cylinder with shut off valve & pressure gauge
4. regulator
Pre-donning SCBA check: (6)
1. at least 90% pressure
2. activate donning/doffing switch
3. open cylinder valve 2 or 3 turns, listen for low air alarm, open valve fully
4. both pressure gauges should be within 100 psi of each other
5. all harness straps fully extended
6. all valves in correct position
Training & performance qualifications for FFs
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1001
Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications
Medical requirements for FFs NFPA 1582, Standard on Medical Requirements for Fire Fighters and Information for FD Phsicians
Each FF accident should be thoroughly investigated to ... (2)
1. learn why it happened
2. learn how it can be avoided in the future

FF Deaths by type of duty:
Alarm Response/Return
Other On Duty
Non-Fire Emergencies

A safety program is only as safe as ... the individuals who implement it.
To whom does the safety officer report to on the foreground? IC (Incident Commander)
What is the term for the small magnetic boards carried by company officers as part of a personnel accountability system? Passport
During overhaul, either a safety officer or someone else should be assigned to monitor the atmosphere for the presence of what dangerous gas?
Carbon monoxide
Signs/symptoms of heat stroke lack of sweating, low BP, shallow breathing, seizures
How soon after a traumatic call should CISD be held? ASAP
Flame-resistant materials include: (3) Nomex, PBI, Kevlar
From what material(s) can structural firefighting boots be constructed? Rubber or leather
NFPA 1001 requires fire fighters to don personal protective clothing within a specified time. What time? 60 seconds
What provides a template for implementing a comprehensive health and safety program? NFPA 1500
Basic Components of SCBA: (4)
1. Backpack & harness
2. Air cylinder assembly
3. Regulator Assembly
4. Face piece assembly
Layers of structural PPE: (3)
1. Outer layer/shell - sturdy, flame-resistant, water-repellant material
2. Moisture barrier
3. Thermal barrier
Material for SCBA air cylinders aluminum, carbon, kevlar composite
What needs to be stamped or labeled on a compressed air cylinder? Last hydrostatic inspection date
Composite SCBA cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every ____ years. 3
Steel & alumiium SCBA cylinders must be hydrostatically tested ever ___ years. 5
Minimum requirements & procedures for a safety and health program are contained in NFPA 1500
Every skill, knowledge item, or behavior learned should be drilled, tested, or confirmed: every year
The open-circuit, positive-pressure breathing apparatus operates by: maintaining a pressure inside the mask that is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure.
FFs must be fit tested ______ to ensure they are using the right sized facepiece. anually
After the facepiece, low-pressure hose, and exhalation valve have been properly washed and disinfected, they should be: air dried in a clean area.
When approaching a fire, stored-pressure water extinguishers are designed to be carried in a/an ___ position and the operator is cautioned to keep the ___ in hand at all times. upright, hose
Leading cause of FF injuries: overexertion & strain
The coupling on the high pressure hose that is attached to an SCBA cylinder should be: hand tight
When filling an SCBA cylinder, the cylinder must be:
place in a fragmentation containment device
Hoop-wrapped and kevlar/carbon composite cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every __________ years. 3
How long does it take for the PASS device to alarm if the wearer becomes inactive? 30 sec
Following each use, the facepiece of a breathing apparatus should be cleaned by: Washing with a mixture of warm water and approved disinfectant