Electoral College

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What is the electoral college? -The electoral college is a group of people who elect the President.-Created because the writers of the constitution did not trust the American people to choose the President.
How does the electoral college work? -Each state chooses people to be "electors" in the Electoral College.-The number of representation each state receives is is based on population.-The Electoral College meets in Jan. to formally choose the President. Electors= Senators (2)+ Reps.-Winner takes all: The Presidential Candidate who receives the majority of the popular votes in each state wins all of the state's Electoral votes.-Presidential candidates need at least 270 electoral College votes to win the election.
What are "swing states"? -States that do not consistently support one particular political party.-Electoral College meets in their own state capital.-Each state has an Electoral College and they all must vote on the same person (within that college).