El Viaje Perdido Vocab 1

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un crucero cruise ship
ni siquiera not even
robusto stron, sturdy
aun still, yet
flaco thin
acercarse to approach, to near
parecer to seem, to look
acabar de entrar to have just entered
la piel skin
enamorarse to fall in love
extrano strange
verguenza shame, shyness, modesty
enojarse to get angry
creida conceited
la unica the only
darse cuenta to realize
orgulloso proud
creer to believe to think
ciudadanos townspeople
a pesar de ser inteligente despite being intelligent
tonto silly foolish
podrido rotten
asombrosa amazing, astonishing
la bruja witch
una broma a joke, prank
recorrer to tour, go through
fundar to found to establish
relajarse to relax
una guagua a bus
la arena sand
tener ganas de to feel like
la patria native land, mother country
detenerse to stop to delay
el ladron the theif
el bolsillo pocket
faltar to be missing, to be lacking
apenas hardley, scarcely
morir to die
pastelillos meat and cheese stuffed pastry
enojado angry mad
sorprendido suprised
aunque although
labilletera wallet
un recado message, errand
preocuparse to worry
quedarse to stay remain
gratis free
la temporada the season the time
otro remedio other remedy
las velas candles
poderes powers
de acuerda ok
avisar to inform to notify