CIS 111 Chapter 7

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__________ cable consists of a single copper wire surrounded by layers of plastic and is used to connect cable TV. coaxial
__________ devices, which are becoming popular for home use, provide centralized data storage and access for networks. network attached storage
A __________ is a device that attaches to a network and provides wireless nodes with a means of connecting to a network. Wireless access point (WAP)
The __________ is the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network. data transfer rate
The internet is an example of a client/server network. TRUE
A network-ready device that may be attached to a network but still has to connect to a networked computer first. FALSE
__________ is the actual speed of data transfer on a network. throughput
Wireless networks are more vulnerable to attack than wired networks. TRUE
In terms of networking, NOS stands for__________. network operating system
Which of the following devices translates electronic data into radio waves? transceiver
If you need to extend the length of an Ethernet network, you can use a__________ to do so repeater
All wireless networks have their own name, referred to as the__________ that is used to identify the network. service set identifier
THroughput, the actual speed of data transfer that is achieved in a network, is usually: less than the data transfer rate
Most notebook computers sold currently come with an 802.11g or a__________ network adapter built in. 802.11n
A__________ keeps track of data packets and, in conjunction with network interface cards, helps the data packets find their destination without running into each other on an Ethernet network. switch
A network in your home that is used to connect all of your digital devices is called a__________. home area network (HAN)
__________transfer data between two or more networks. Routers
The cost of a [email protected] network is slightly greater than the cost of a client/server network. False
Network adapters: enable nodes in a network to communicate with each other
If you install a device called a__________on your network, you can share a broadband internet connection among several computers. router
All of the following are reasons for using a power-line network instead of an Ethernet network EXCEPT: power-line networks cost less
A wireless network uses which of the following as its transmission medium? radio waves
Due to the expansion of media files on home computers, _____ options are how being marketed; however, they are not as full features as the business-world counterparts. home server
__________ networks use the existing electrical wiring in your house to help obtain their signal. power-line
WPA stands for: Wi-Fi protected access
The read-only memory written in a router is referred to as__________. firmware
It is generally better to extend your wired network using wireless technology than to use repeaters of slice cable. TRUE
In a peer to peer network, one computer acts as the server. FALSE
One way to increase security on a network is by installing a: firewall
WEP stands for__________. Wired equivalent privacy
EpressCard versions of Ethernet NICs are made specifically for notebook computers. TRUE
When setting up a network, you should set up any computers running the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system: first
Which of the following is NOT an example of a network node. a mouse
There are three main types of P2P networks; wired, wireless, and__________. power-line
When a network is created to provide internet access to a specific geographic area, that network will generally be designated as a MAN. TRUE
Most desktop and notebook systems sold today are network ready. TRUE
A network that has 10 or more nodes is usually configured as a: client/server network
__________ receive data packets and send them to the node for which they are intended. Switches
Network architectures are classified according to: the way they are controlled and the distance between their nodes
The term "network __________" refers to the design of a network. architecture
TOday, power-line networks an sometimes exceed speeds of wireless Ethernet networks. TRUE
Both Windows 7 and Windows Vista can automatically detect other versions of Windows running on a network. TRUE
A client computer is the computer on which users accomplish specific tasks. TRUE
__________ cable is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speed. Fiber-optic
__________ is the actual speed of data transfer that is achieved on a network. Throughput
A single computer can function as both a client and a server, but performance will be degraded. TRUE
The most popular transmission medium option for wired ETHERnet networks is: unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP)
A __________ device can be connected directly to a router instead of connecting it to a computer on a network. netwrok-ready
Most__________allow you to connect wireless and wired computers to the same network. wireless routers
A __________ network is one in which the nodes are located within a small geographical area. local area
__________ is a method of translating data into code. Encryption
Which transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest? fiber-optic cable
__________ refers to the act of connecting to a wireless connecting without the permission of the owner. piggybacking
The major difference in types of :2: networks in the __________ by which the nodes are connected and the bandwidth each achieves. transmission medium
MAN stands for mobile area network. FALSE
A __________ network contains two different types of computers: one performs specific tasks and the other provides resources to computers on the network. client/server
Switches can be__________ together to provide hundreds of ports. chained
__________ options are fast becoming a popular choice for managing an entire family's personal media. home server
A network adapter installed inside a computer as an expansion card is referred to as a__________. Network Interface Card
Any ExpressCard will work in any notebook. FALSE
Switches and routers are both network __________ devices. navigation
A __________ is a specialized entertainment device that is specifically designed to retrieve digital media from computers or storage devices on a network and display them on televisions or home theater systems. digital media receiver (DMR)
Which of the following is NOT an example of a WAN? LANs connected in a single building
Public places where you can wirelessly connect to the internet are known as__________. hot spots
WEP is a stronger form of security than WAP. FALSE
NIC stands for__________. Network Interface Card
P2P networks are more commonly used in small businesses than in homes. FALSE
Normal telephone wire is: twisted pair cable
Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called: a network operating system (NOS)
A __________ on a network can be a peripheral, such as a printer or scanner. node
The 802.11 wireless standard is also know as __________. Wi-Fi
For ethernet cables that run more than 100 meters, you can use __________ to boost the signal. repeaters
Many cities in the United States are now deploying ______ to provide internet access to residents and tourists. MAN
Twisted pair cable is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speeds. FALSE
Some network adapters take the form of external devices that plug into an available __________ port. USB
A __________ is a specialized entertainment device that is designed to retrieve digital media from computers or storage devices on a network and display them on televisions or home theater systems. digital media receiver (DMR)
A __________ is a network located in your home that is used to connect all of your digital devices. HAN
__________ cable is composed or four pairs of wires that are twisted around each other to reduce electrical interference. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
Which of the following is necessary if you want your Ethernet network to connect to the internet through a DSL or cable modem? a DSL/cable router
The most common type of home network is: a P2P network
In reference to the wireless ethernet standard, __________ devices achieve much higher data transfer rates and cover a wider area than 802.11g devices. 802.11n
A __________ network is one in which each computer can communicate directly with each other, instead of having a separated device exercise central control over the entire network. P2P
Which of the following network adapters is most likely to be preinstalled in a typical notebook computer today? both a wireless and wired network adapter
Which of the following UTP cable types is the cheapest and often used in home networks? Cat 5E
A __________ allows sharing of a broadband internet connection. router
The unique number assigned to a network adapter by the manufacturer is referred to as the __________ address. MAC
A __________ network uses radio waves as its transmission medium. wireless
A __________ is a network navigation device that merely retransmits a signal to the other nodes attached to it. hub
It is not possible to configure a client/server network for home use. FALSE
A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected with __________ so that they can communicate with each other. software and hardware
In terms of networking, MAN stands for__________. Metropolitan Area Network
Normal telephone wire is composed of __________ cable, which consists of copper wires wrapped around each other and covered in a plastic jacket. twisted pair
A printer connected to a wireless network is considered to be a node on that network. TRUE
To provide an older computer with wireless capability, you need to use a__________. network adapter card
Which of the following devices is needed to share an internet connection on a wireless network? a wireless router
The type of wireless network designed to provide access to city residents and visitors is typically a __________. WAN
Sophisticated networks generally use which of the following hardware devices to ease the flow of data packets throughout the network? routers and switches
Bundles of data sent over transmission media are called__________. packets
The practice of piggybacking is illegal in many places. TRUE