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Organic Chemistry The study of all chemicals containing carbon.
Inorganic Chemistry The study of chemicals that,ingeneral,do not contain carbon.
Biochemistry The study of the processes that take place in organisms.
Physical Chemistry The study of the composition of matter.
MULTIPLE CHOICE:which field of science studies the composition and structure of matter?A.Physics B.BiologyC.Chemistry D.Geology C.Chemistry
The study of chemicals,that,in general,do not contain carbon is traditionally called what type of chemistry? A.BioB.Inorganic C.PhysicalD.Analytical B.Inorganic
Which of the following would a chemist be most likely to study?A.a leaf floating on waterB.a leaf changing color in autumnC.a leaf being blown by the windD.a leaf being eaten by insects B.a leaf changing color in autumn
Which of the following best describes an example of pure chemistry? A.testing the effects of lower concentrations of a drug on humansB.studying chemicals containing carbonC.developing a cure for osteoporosisD.finding an antidote for a new strain of virus B.studying chemicals containing carbon
Which of the folowing statements is false? A.knowledge of chemistry allows the public to make informed decisionsB.studying chemistry ensures that officials make correct choices in funding technologyC.knowledge of chemistry helps prepare people for careers in soil scienceD.chemistry explains many aspects of nature B.studying chemistry ensures that officials make corret choices in funding technology
Which of the following is an example of a current research focus in chemistry? A.development of smoke detectors for common useB.using hook-and-loop tape in the clothing industryC.applying gene therapy to treat certain diseasesD.studying coal combustion as an energy source C.applying gene therapy to treat certain diseases
Which of the following can be observed only in a miscroscopic view? A.foam insulationB.x-ray of knee jointC.shape of a soybean plantD.structure of a muscle cell D.structure of a muscle cell
Which of the following was a major contribution to chemistry by Antoine Lavoisier? A.he showed that oxygen is required for material to burnB.he demonstrated the presence of phloghiston in airC.he encouraged scienntists to form explanations based on philosophical argumentsD.he developed the science of alchemy A.he showed that oxygen is required for material to burn
One characteristic of a scientific theory is that__ can never be can be cannot be summarizes a set of observations can never be proved
A theory is a __A.proposed explanation for an observationB.well-tested explanation for a broad set of observationsC.summary of the results of many observationsD.procedure used to test a proposed explanation B.well-tested explanation for a broad set of observations
Which step in the scientific method requires you to use your senses to obtain information?A.revising a hypothesisB.designing an experimentC.making an observationD.stating a theory C.making an observation
The variable that is observed during an experiment is called what type of variable? A.independentB.manipulatedC.controllingD.responding D.responding
Collaboration and communication are important in science because__ A.most research problems are not very complexB.most scientists have the knowledge to solve any scientific problemC.they increase the liklihood of a successful outcomeD.they keep scientists from having to repeat experiments C.they increase the liklihood of a successful outcome
Which of these steps should always be followed for effective problem solving? A.buying a larger quantity of material than estimatedB.performing metric conversionsC.developing a plan and then implementing the planD.using a trial-and-error approach and then evaluating C.developing a plan and then implementing the plan
The step that usually comes last in solving numeric problems is__ A.calculateB.measureC.evaluateD.analyze C.evaluate