Sentence Chapter 9

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The Homeric epic the Iliad deals with the war to capture Troy.
The political world of the ancient Greeks usually consisted of independent, autonomous city-states.
The Mycenaeans received early indirect influence from the Egyptians and Phoenicians through their contact with the Minoans.
The best example of Minoan cultural brilliance can be seen in the remains at Knossos.
Of the natural disasters that plagued the Minoans, the most devastating was the volcanic eruption in 1628 on the island of Thera.
The Mycenaeans adapted the Minoan written language to their own needs and developed a syllabic script called Linear B.
The Minoans wrote with a script known as __________, which is not yet deciphered. Linear A
The Greeks used the word polis to refer to the city-state.
The Spartans were constantly afraid of the prospect of an uprising by serfs known as helots.
Distinction among the ancient Spartans came from discipline and military talent.