Chapter 9 Respiratory System Diseases And Disorders

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Without pain Analgesics
Against fever Antipyretics
Without breathing Apnea
measurement of the amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood Arterial blood gases
a chronic dilation of the bronchus Bronchiectasis
Procedure to look into the bronchus Bronchoscopy
condition of unknown pathogenesis, usually is related to poor distal circulation and oxygenation. Clubbing
Difficulty breathing Dyspnea
Coughing up blood Hemoptysis
Low blood oxygen level Hypoxemia
low oxygen Hypoxia
difficulty breathing in a lying position Orthopnea
sputum or excessive mucus is brought up and expelled Productive cough
abnormal musical sounds heard on inspiration, often called crackles Rales
Runny nose Rhinorrhea
dry rattling sounds in the bronchi due to obstruction of the airways Rhonchi
fluid or secretions coughed up from the lungs Sputum
Rapid breathing Tachypnea
insertion of a tube to withdraw air and assist in reexpanding the lung Thoracentesis
Produced by partial obstruction of the airways Wheezing