Chapter 7 110

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The ____ assignments refer to the system resources a parallel port will use to manage a print job. Selected Answer: LPT
BIOS manages ____ lines that are used by a device to hail the CPU asking for data to be processed. IRQ
To protect the data on a USB storage device while removing it, double-click the ____ icon in the notification area before removing the device. Selected Answer: Safely Remove Hardware
Ports on the motherboard can be disabled or enabled in ____ setup. BIOS
Chips sometimes loosen because of temperature changes; this condition is called ____. chip creep
____ can use cables up to 100 meters (328 feet), and uses a 9-pin rectangular connector. 1394b
A serial port is provided by the motherboard or might be provided by an adapter card called a(n) ____ card. Selected Answer: I/O controller
A ____ is an input device that uses a monitor or LCD panel as the backdrop for input options. touch screen
For laptops, you can adjust the brightness of the display using ____ keys. Selected Answer: function
Devices and their device drivers are managed using ____. Selected Answer: Device Manager
A(n) ____ monitor (also called a progressive monitor) draws the entire screen in one pass noninterlaced
Problems with a device can sometimes be solved by updating the ____ or firmware. device drivers
IEEE 1394 uses ____ data transfer, meaning that data is transferred continuously without breaks. Selected Answer: isochronous
f you are trained to open a monitor case to replace a fuse, unplug the monitor and wait at least ____ minutes before opening the case so that capacitors have completely discharged. 60
____ systems and peripherals have the U.S. Green Star, indicating that they satisfy certain energy-conserving standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy Star
FireWire and i.Link are common names for another peripheral bus officially named ____. IEEE 1394
____ supports speeds up to 400 Mbps and is sometimes called FireWire 400 Selected Answer: IEEE 1394a
A ____ plug is a tool used to test a serial, parallel, USB, network, or other port. loop-back
If you have an available eSATA external port, you can use a protective hard drive ____ that will house and protect a hard drive outside the computer case. dock
A ____ device is an input device that inputs biological data about a person, which can be input data to identify a person’s fingerprints, handprints, face, voice, eye, and handwritten signature. biometric