History Chapter 10

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During its early history Rome was dominated by the Etruscans.
In the early stages of the Roman republic the patricians elected two consuls.
In an effort to alleviate social tensions the __________ were allowed to elect two and then later ten tribunes. plebians.
During times of crisis the Romans would appoint an official with absolute power known as a dictator.
The Roman policy towards conquered peoples was generous with the potential for citizenship.
In regards to level of toleration and respect for conquered parts of the empire the Romans were most similar to the Persians.
In the early period of Roman expansion the eastern half of the Mediterranean was dominated by the Antigonids, Seleucids and Ptolemaics while the western half was controlled by the Carthaginians.
When the Romans expanded to __________ they came into bloody conflict with the Carthaginians in the Punic Wars. Sicily
Rome's monumental struggle with the Carthaginians was known as the Punic Wars.
The turning point in Roman history was their struggle in the Punic Wars with the Carthaginians.