Chapter 1 Essential Computer Concepts

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The intangible components of a computer system, including the programs, are called software
keyboards, monitors, and printers are all examples of which of the following? peripheral devices

Which of the following is a pointing device that allows you to control the pointer by moving the entire device around on a desk?

To display graphics, a computer needs a monitor and a ___________.
graphics card

What part of the computer is responsible for executing instructions to process information?

What do you call each 1 or 0 used in the representation of computer data?
a bit

What is a megabyte?

about a million bytes
What temporarily stores data and programs while you are using them? RAM

Which of the following permanently stores the set of instructions that the computer uses to activate the software that controls the processing function when you turn the computer on?
CPU cache

What do you call a named collection of data stored on a disk?
a file

Which of the following storage media is not a magnetic storage device?

The transmission protocol between a computer and its peripheral devices is
handled by a
data bus

What telecommunications hard ware is needed to convert digital signals to analog signals?

Which of the following acts as a locked door on a computer?

_____________ are the technical details about each hardware component.

Modifying data is referred to as____________.

A printed copy of computer output is called __________.
hard copy

A(n) __________ is a series if eight bits

The type of memory that temporarily holds data and programs while the computer is on is called ___________.

A(n)____________ is magnetic storage media usually sealed in a case inside the computer.
hard disk (hard drive)

________________ is similar to ROM except that it can be written to more than once.
flash memory

Each computer that is part of the network must have a(n) ________.
network interface card (NIC)

A computer on a network that acts as the central storage location for programs and data used on the network is a(n)____________.

A program that tracks a user’s internet usage without the user’s permission is called ___________.

_________ is the practice of sending e-mail messages to customers or potential customers of a legitimate web site asking them to click a link in the e-mail message to bring them at a spoofed web site.

A(n)______________ is system software that acts as a liaison between the user and the computer’s hardware and software.
graphical user interface (GUI)