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What did Moroni list as the purposes of the Book of Mormon on the Title Page? To show unto the House of Israel what great things the Lord has done for their fathers
That they may know the covenants of the Lord
To convince the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ
Describe the situation in Jerusalem around 600 B.C. What is the chronology (order of events) of the Assyrian captivity of the 10 tribes, the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, Lehi and Mulek departures? Jaredites, Asssyrian captivity of 10 tribes, Lehi, Mulek, Babylon destruction of Jerusalem
What was contained on the brass plates? What period of time did they cover? Brass plates: 5 books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), record of the Jews from Adam to Zedekiah, Prophecies of holy prophets from Adam to Zedekiah, prophecies of Jeremiah, Lehi’s geneology (Joseph)
Covered about 4000BC to 600BC
Know facts about the plates. Which were started first and when? What was on each set? Which did Mormon abridge? How do the small plates fit into the record? What was Nephi’s intent in keeping the small plates? What was in the lost 116 pages? What time period did that cover? Which were called “these” and when did they begin? Which were called “those?” When did they begin? What did Moroni abridge? What is the book of Ether? Brass plates.
Large plates – secular and historial record of the kings, wars, etc. Small – spiritual material about ministry of Nephites.
Mormon abridged large plates, plates of Ether
Small plates are attached to the gold (Mosiah – Moroni), 1st and 2nd Nephi
“Wise purpose”
Contained same information. From Lehi – Benjamin
“These” = small.
“Those” = large
Ether = Record of Jaredites engraved on 24 gold plate by Ether
What three different civilizations did Nephi see in his vision contained in 1 Nephi 10-14? Jews, Lamanites, Gentiles
What does 1 Nephi 13 state about when the plain and precious truths were taken from the Bible?

Who was mainly responsible for the majority of the loss of the plain and precious truths? (
During the inter-testamental period, but also throughout history. As it has been transmitted over the centuries, has suffered the loss of many plain and precious parts – no original manuscripts.

The designing and corrupt priests and scribes in the “great and abominable church”
What is the Great and Abominable Church? What is the difference in the church described in 1 Nephi 13 and 1 Nephi 14? What chapter describes the historical church? The typological church? Church = every evil and worldly organization that perverts the true gospel.
13: church = actual historical church going into apostasy. 14: broader, “typological” symbolic meaning
What is the symbolism associated with the Liahona? Liahona means “of God is Light.” God gives light, as does the Sun. Our conscience is our liahona
Who were Zenock, Neum, and Zenos? Where were their writings recorded? Old testament prophets who lived in the holy Land before 600BC
Writings were recorded on the Brass plates
What caused Israel’s scattering? How is Israel gathered? What did Joseph teach was the main purpose for the gathering of Israel? Is the present gathering of the Jews the one prophesied in scripture? What did S. W. Kimball teach about the gathering? To whom must the Jews gather 1st? Scattered because they rejected the gospel, defiled the priesthood, forsook the church, departed from the kingdom (wickedness).
Israel is gathered by believing I the gospel, joining the Church, coming into the kingdom
Main purpose is to build unto the Lord a house
People gather to where they are from
Must gather to Christ first
What is the “mighty nation?” What is the “marvelous work”? USA, restoration of the gospel
What do we know concerning the creation? At what point did things become temporal (mortal)? Was there sin, corruption or reproduction in man or animals prior to the fall? In what state (Temporal or immortal) were things placed on the earth during phase II? Men were created to fall.
Things became temporal when Adam and Eve fell.
No sin, corruption, reproduction.
Immortal state.
What types of death were brought about by the fall? How does the Atonement affect each death? What was the reaction of Adam and Eve to the fall Two deaths: physical – body separated from spirit, spiritual – mankind separated from God
Atonement: everyone’s body and spirit is reunited through resurrection. Everyone is reunited with God to be judged. They were joyous.
What changes did the fall bring about in the earth? What were the conditions before and after the fall? With Adams fall came other falls – mortality, procreation, and death. Man became mortal.
Before: Terrestial conditions. No death, no procreation, no blood, innocent, no sin, no corruption, no joy, in god’s presence. After: opposite.
What were the Lord’s directions to Adam concerning the trees in the Garden? What was “forbidden”? What is contained in the 1st Presidency’s official statement about the origin of man? The verse talks about agency – the lord provides opposition in all things. The Lord asked Adam not to partake of the forbidden fruit. Staying in the garden after partaking of the fruit was forbidden. “Man began life as a human being, in the likeness of our Heavenly Father. Man came from Adam, not evolution. We are the direct and lineal offspring of Deity. By experience through ages and eons, we can evolve into a God.”
What would have happened if Christ had not completed the Atonement by leading a sinless life? 1. Physical death – our bodies would rot, crumble, and rise no more
2. Spiritual death – everyone would all become devils
For what sins and transgressions does Christ’s blood atone? Does this include the pre-existence? Other worlds? Why is it considered infinite? Did Satan propose a different plan – one which would force everyone to be good? Will people who came to earth, gained bodies, and became sons of perdition be resurrected? Atonement covers transgrssions in ignorance, those not accountable, infant children, Adam’s original transgression. Doesn’t cover unpardonable or unforgivable.
Yes it covers the premortal existence, and other worlds. Extends through all time and space. Satan proposed a different plan, but he was rejecting the Lord’s plan. His plan was of slavery and compulsion.
Yes everyone who came to earth will be resurrected
How are we to understand Isaiah? What keys does Nephi give us? (2 Nephi 25:1-7, p. 150) In which section of the Book of Mormon chapters does he give us these keys? Is it before or after the Isaiah chapters 1. Understand the manner of prophecy among the Jews
2. Use the spirit of prophecy
3. Live in the day of their fulfillment
Chapter 25 – after the Isaiah chapters
What is the meaning of “out of Zion shall go forth the Law? To what is 2 Nephi 15:26 referring?
What is the Ensign or standard?
Other governments will copy our form of government.
Preaching the gospel in the latter days. We are to hiss warnings, and we are able to travel
What 3 groups does Nephi address in 2 Nephi 25-30? He reviews the history of each group. What is each group’s major problem? What is the solution? Jews, Lamanites, and Gentiles. Their major problems were rejecting Christ. BOM = solution.
What tactics did Nephi say Satan would use in the last days? Rationalization – justifying sin. Rebellion – Stan will stir people against that which is good. Apathy – Satan will entice people to think all is well in Zion. Intellectual approach – Satan will persuade people to believe there is no devil.
Who will be at the judgment bar? 3 prophets end their book by telling us they’ll be there. Who are they? Jacob, Nephi, Moroni
What did Jacob say his purpose was in writing? That people would know we knew of Christ, that the Nephites believed in him before his coming, all prophets had a hope of his glory.
What do the major symbols of the allegory represent?
Tame trees, wild trees, cutting off, grafting in branches
Wild trees – Gentiles (or Israel in a state of apostasy)
Tame – Israel (church)
Grafting – gathering of Israel through baptism
Breaking off – scattering of Israel because of wickedness
What change happened in record keeping around 130 B.C.? What happened to the small plates?Where was the religious part of the record kept after 130 B.C.? 130 BC – history and religious are both kept on the Large Plates by king Benjamin. Small plates became full.
Who was Zedekiah’s son who escaped the Babylonian captivity Mulek
In what language were the brass plates written? Language of the Egyptians
Who were the Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s? Where did they end up living? To what was their name changed? Anti-Nephi-Lehis – Buried weapons of war and covenanted never to fight with God again. Lamanites slew over 1000 of them in battle because they offered no resistance, and more were converted than were slain.
Ended up living in Jershon. Called the people of Ammon.
What were the original feelings of the brethren in Zarahemla concerning the initial request of Mosiah’s sons to go on missions? Their initial reaction was that it would be better to kill the Lamanites than to preach to them
What is the definition of the “mysteries of God”? Something that can only be discovered by revelation
Mosiah 2:33, 38-39 refer to “everlasting punishment, “pain forever and ever” and “never ending torment.” How did Elder James E. Talmage and Joseph Fielding Smith explain this doctrine? To hell there is an exit as well as an entrance. There is never ending torment, but you only get punished for as long as you need to learn what you should have learned on earth.
From where did King Benjamin get his doctrine that he preached from his tower? From an angel of God
Know the different terms King Benjamin used to identify Jesus in 124 Lord Omnipotent, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Father of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all things, Son of Mary
Mosiah 3:11-18. What did King Benjamin teach concerning the relationship between little children and the atonement? Little children are “innocent” through the atonement, not by nature. They need the atonement to redeem themselves.
What did King Benjamin teach concerning Christ and the atonement? We can only be saved through Christ. There was no back-up plan – if he hadn’t gone through with the atonement, we would not have been saved.
What did King Benjamin mean “the natural man is an enemy to God? Natural man is fallen man. The man who remains in that evil state is an enemy to God. We can put off the natural man by yielding to the Holy Ghost and submitting ourselves to God.
King Benjamin taught that the atonement was prepared “from the foundation of the world:. Explain what this means. The atonement is infinite. Everyone ever returns to the presence of God.
Know what chiasmus is. In what original language was it written? When was it discovered? Why is this significant concerning the Book of Mormon? Chiasmus is an inverted type of parallelism. Written in Hebrew. It was discovered in 1854 by John Forbes. Joseph Smith could not have known about Chiasmus – verifies truth of Book of Mormon.
Which 3 kings ruled in Zarahemla? In the land of Nephi? Zarahemla – Mosiah, Benjamin, Mosiah II
Nephi – Zeniff, Noah, Limhi
Describe Limhi’s expedition of 43 men. He sends an expedition of 43 men to look for Zarahemla. They find the Jaredite ruins and believe it to be a destroyed Zarahemla. They bring back records, but can’t read them.
How were the Nephites initially brought into bondage by the Lamanites in the Land of Nephi? King Laman gave them land, let them build it up, then took them as slaves. Deceived by Laman’s cunning, and their own iniquities.
What did King Limhi teach his people were the best way to escape bondage? Only the lord can deliver you from bondage – turn to the lord.
How did Elder John A. Widtsoe define the following: prophet, seer, and revelator? Prophet – teacher of known truth
Seer – perceiver of hidden truth
Revelator – bearer of new truth
Ammon spoke to King Limhi concerning prophets, seers, and revelators. Seers often have “interpreters” or a “urim and thummim” which also contained a “breast plate.” Know how Joseph Smith’s mother described the “urim and thummim” and the “breast plate” used for translating. okay
What were the 3 major traditions that caused the Lamanite hatred toward the Nephites 1. Nephi ususrped the ruling power from his older brothers – Laman should have gotten power
2. Nephi had left them in the wilderness
3. Nephi had stolen the records
What charges were brought against Abinadi? What Old Testament chapter did he quote in its entirety to Noah’s court? Charges: Reviled the King, false prohet, blasphemy
Quoted Isaiah 53
What does Abinadi mean? What things were included in his message to Noah’s court concerning bondage, deliverance, 10 commandments, resurrection, Law of Moses? Abinadi – my father is present before you.
Repent or you will be brought into bondage (repent or be destroyed), don’t teach or keep the commandments, salvation isn’t found in the law of Moses, moses points toward Christ, taught about the resurrection.
What is the meaning of Mosiah 14 verse 10? Jesus sent himself as Son to be bruised for us.
What did Abinadi teach concerning who shall be Christ’s seed? Those who listen to the prophets, who hear their words, believe in the Lord, look forward to a remission of sins, all prophets.
How is Christ both the Father and the Son? In what three ways is Jesus considered “the Father”? Father: begotten by God, spirit, did not have to de
Son: conceived by Mary, flesh, could (and did) die
Abinadi taught King Noah’s court about the “first resurrection.” Who will be included in the first resurrection? With what person did the first resurrection begin?What period of time is included in the first resurrection? It includes from the time of Adam until the end of what? Four categories of people will be resurrected. Which two categories are included in the first resurrection? 1st: Celestial Adam-Christ, Christ-2nd coming, people born in the Millenium, Terrestrial Adam-end of Millenium
What did Joseph Smith teach was the derivation and meaning of the word “Mormon”? Egyptian “mon” = good. With English More = mormon.
Did Alma baptize himself? What do we know about Alma’s authority to baptize? Alma held the priesthood before he became disturbed with King Noah. Alma ‘baptized’ himself, but merely as a token of humility and repentance.
How was Abinadi’s prophecy concerning Noah fulfilled? Noah’s own men burned him
were Limhi’s people reunited with the Nephites in Zarahemla? By whom were Limhi’s people baptized? Where were they? Gideon came up with a plan to get the guards drunk, and escape to Zarahemla.
Baptized by Alma in Zarahemla
Describe the two major “Flash backs” in the book of Mosiah. Which groups of people did each involve? “Flashback to time of Zeniff,” – from the time the people of Zeniff left Zarahemla until they were delivered out of the hands of the Lamanites “Story of Alma the Elder in Wilderness” – Alma and the righteous driven into the wilderness by King Noah
Do we know how far apart Zarahemla and Nephi were? What information is used to calculate the distance? 20 day journey. Nephi – Helam = 8 days. Helam = Zarahemla = 12 days.
What did the Lamanite king have Amulon’s priests teach the Lamanites? What was included in their teaching? What was not in their teaching? Only the nephite language. Nothing concerning God, the law of Moses, or the words of Abinadi
What were the conditions for Alma’s people in Helam under Amulon’s rule after they helped the Lamanite army find the Land of Nephi? Amulon put hard tasks and task masters over the Nephites. Couldn’t pray - executed
Why did the rising generation of Mosiah II’s day refuse to join the church and not believe in Christ? Unbelief in the word of God – no faith, heard harts – pride, wouldn’t pray – not even try
Alma saw an angel. Why did the angel come? What did Wilford Woodruff say about desiring to see angels? Angel spoke to Alma and changed his heart, told him that people have been praying for him to change and stop hating on the church.
WW: The lord doesn’t send people angels to gratify them, he sends an angel to performa work that can only be performed by angels. “The Holy Ghost is what every Saint of God needs.”
What factors contributed to Mosiah II’s decision to change the form of government from kings to judges? He had nobody to pass the kingdom to
There is no guarantee his sons would be righteous
Can’t be sure that every king will be just
Remember the wickedness of king Noah
It takes much bloodshed to dethrone a wicked king
From the Jaredite record we learn that because of a wicked king the entire nation would be destoryed
What is the advantage of a government run by “the voice of the people?” The majority of the people will choose righteously
What were the different forms of government experienced by the Nephites from the time Lehi left Jerusalem? 600 BC – patriarchal
550 BC – kingdom
91 BC - judges
What roles did Alma II fulfill in Zarahemla? He was the first chief judge and the high priest
What false doctrine did Nehor preach? What happened to him? What is the current position of the Church regarding the death penalty? Taught priestcraft – that priests should be popular, supported by the people, and that all mankind would be saved at the last day
Nehor killed Gideon, so he was put to death.
The church officially accepts capital punishment when administered in accordance with established law. Supports legal capital punishment.
Who was Amlici? What was his background? What did his followers do? What resulted? What became of him? Amlici sought to be king, but was voted down. His followers made him king, and he intended to destroy the church. As a result, there was a huge war between the Nephites and Amlicites.
Alma killed Amlici
Explain the difference between a mark and a curse. When Alma saw the problems in Zarahemla what did he decide to do to solve them? A mark is simply used to distinguish people. The mark distinguishes the cursed. The curse is being cut off from the presence of the lord.
He gave up the office of chief judge unto Nephihah. He then went among the people to preach the word of God, stir them into remembrance, and pull down pride, craftiness, and contentions.
What does it mean to be born of God? What have modern leaders said about this process? Are ordinances necessary? Must we have an experience like Alma or Enos? Being born again comes by the Spirit of God through ordinances.
It is a process, a gradual thing.
Ordinances are necessary.
We need not have an intense, immediate experience. They are the exception, not the rule.
To know God and Jesus, we must learn of them through revelation, to do that we must be born again.
Why does Alma 7:10 say Jesus will be born at Jerusalem when he was born in Bethlehem? Bethlehem is 6 miles from Jerusalem. Jesus would be born in the City of David = Jerusalem. Like Provo and Orem.
What did Alma tell the people of Gideon concerning the Atonement? What types of things can the Atonement help us overcome in our lives The atonement helps us overcome any imperfections that result from the fall of Adam = sickness, grief pain, infirmities. Any burdens.
The atonement is the central act in all human history.
Who was Amulek? How do Alma and Amulek become acquainted? What was Amulek’s background? How did Amulek know Alma was a prophet of God? Amulek was a resident of Ammonihah who became Alma’s companion. An angel told Amulek to accept the stranger into his house, it turned out to be Alma.
Amulek’s background: he had a reputation, related to several people in Ammonihah, many friends, successful business man – influential and wealthy, was active but fell away, witnessed God’s power, seen an angel and was called to assist Alma.
An angel told him.
What was unique about the Nephite monetary system? Was the Nephite manner of reckoning “after the manner of the Jews”? pp. 297. What is a markos? Are coins mentioned in the record? The Nephite monetary system is unique, and is very interdependent.
Not after the manner of the Jews, established over many generations.
Markos – cup thing used to measure amounts.
How did Amulek define a “spiritual body”? Tangible bodies that have been purified. Flesh and bones, but not of blood. They will be immortal and never die.
Spirit body – spirit without a body. Spiritual body – tangible, like Christ’s resurrected body.
What did Alma and Brigham Young teach concerning “the greater portion of the word” and secrets? The lord doesn’t reveal stuff unto us because we wouldn’t keep it secret. If we understand God and are his friends, we will keep his secrets.
What did Alma teach concerning the pre-mortal life? What did President Harold B. Lee add? What we have received here in this life was give to us according to the merits of our conduct before we came here. Our decisions in the pre-mortal life affected our current life.
The Lord ordained priests in the pre-mortal life.
What was Ammonihah like? What happened to Alma and Amulek there? How did they escape? Ammonihah was a wicked, corrupt place.
They were bound, taken, questioned imprisoned (for 3 days). People testified against them, spit on them, and mocked them. They witnessed women children and scriptures thrown into a fire.
Escaped when the earth shook and the prison walls fell down.
What principles concerning the suffering of the righteous come from Alma 14:8-14? What did President Brigham Young teach about persecution? What became of Zeezrom after he tried to bribe Amulek? Trials come at tough times because the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more. These experiences stimulate growth, understanding and compassion. Stretching requires discomfort and pain.
Joseph Smith could not have been perfected without persecution.
Sometimes the lord lets the righteous suffer to prove them in all things, see if they will abide in His covenant, even unto death.
Righteous people suffer as a trial, not a punishment.
Zeezrom became very sick, accepted Christ, was healed, and then baptized by Alma.
Summarize what happened to Ammonihah – 5 things. How long did it take the Lamanite army to destroy the city? Everyone was destroyed in one day
Carcasses were mangled by dogs and beasts
Stench was so bad nobody went there
Desolation of Nehors
What principles of missionary work does Mormon cite using the Sons of Mosiah as examples of successful missionaries? How long were the sons of Mosiah on missions? Fasting and prayer, scripture study, patience in affliction, good example, be a friend.
14 year mission
Who was Lamoni? Who was his Father? Why was Lamoni’s Father interested in being taught the gospel? What similar doctrines were they both taught? What traditions of the Lamanites did Ammon and Aaron have to overcome to have success? Lamoni was king of the land of Ishmael. His father was a king over all the land.
Interested because he’d witnessed Ammon’s love for Lamoni, and Ammon’s unselfishness astounded him.
3 things taught: Creation, fall, atonement
Had to overcome Lamanite belief that Nephi usurped power, ditched them in the wilderness, and stole the records
Describe the teaching pattern exemplified by Ammon and Aaron. Teaching approach: Simplicity, bear testimony, teach scriptures, instill a desire to pray.
What principle is Mormon teaching in Alma 24:26-30? What two groups of people does he use as an example? When you have been englithened and know the truth, there's no more neutral ground. You choose a side, and you are to stick to it.