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The closer relatives two species are, the less genomic differences between them. TRUE
Of the following organisms, which has the largest genome size? Commercial rice
Protein-specifying fragments are known as exons
Which of the following is the largest genome sequenced to date? homo sapiens (human)
Bits of DNA that literally jump from one chromosome to another are: transposable elements
All of the following are
true about the HOX gene except:
It plays a role in the
brain development of animals.
Noncoding "junk"
DNA is rich in regulatory RNA sequences and may in fact have more of a function
than previously assumed.
When comparing the genomes
of a variety of organisms, what is most surprising?
The number of similarities
between species
The new area of science
that seeks to catalog and analyze every protein in the human body to help
understand the human genome is called:
The fastest growing area of
research in genomics is:
The most effective way to
analyze variation at the whole genome level is to use:
single nucleotide
Comparing the entire DNA
content of different organisms is called:
All of the genes and other
DNA of an organism constitute its:
Which of the following is
NOT a transposable element?
Single copy genes
What percent of the human
genome is coding DNA?
1 - 1.5%
Which was the genome to be
fully sequenced?
The bacterial virus ΦX174
How many genes constitute
the human genome?
About 25,000
All of the following are
correct about the X and Y chromosomes except:
Males have two Y
In the procedure known as
gel electrophoresis, DNA fragments are separated by their:
Groups of related but
distinctly different genes that occur together in clusters are called:
multigene families
Humans have 46 chromosomes.
Gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans have 48. The explanation is:
that there was fusion of
two chromosomes in humans
Tandem clusters allow: production of a huge amount
of product in a very short time period
If only about 1% of the
human genome is devoted to protein-encoded genes, what is the majority of the
Transposable elements
Which of the following is incorrect
about microarrays?
The GeneChip by
Affymetrix includes 100 known human genes.

Select an example of a
palindrome from the choices below

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