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Gregor Mendel's work was different from that of other researchers working on inheritance in his day because he alone: actually counted the numbers and types of offspring
If several traits are affected by the same allele, the allele is said to be: pleiotropic
Foxes, cats, and rabbits have enzymes that are heat-sensitive, causing a seasonal variation in coat color due to: an environmental effect
The diploid number of chromosomes in pea plants is 14. What is the haploid chromosome number? 7
Human height shows a continuous variation from the very short to the very tall. Height is most likely controlled by: multiple genes
White flower color is
recessive to purple. What is the genotypic ratio when two heterozygous pea
plants are crossed?

Red-green colorblindness is a sex-linked trait. A woman with
  normal color vision, whose father was colorblind, mates with a colorblind man. What chance do each of their sons have of being colorblind?



50% chance
What is the probability of getting a pea plant with recessive green seed color when two heterozygous pea plants, both having the dominant yellow-seeded phenotype, are crossed with each
1 in 4
Humans who have lost one
copy of a chromosome are called ____________ and generally do not survive
Nondisjunction of
chromosomes resulting in aneuploidy occurs during:
anaphase I or II
Mendel tested for
heterozygotes by using:
The degree of earlobe attachment in humans is  inherited as a simple dominant of free earlobes, or as a recessive allele of attached earlobes. What is the probability that a woman
with attached earlobes will have children with attached earlobes if their father has free earlobes, but his father had attached earlobes?
1 in 2
Genes for sex-linked traits
tend to be carried on what chromosomes?
X chromosomes
Hemophilia is a group of
different inherited blood-clotting disorders. Which is true about hemophilia?
It is more common in males
than in females
A central role for
chromosomes in heredity was first suggested by:
Karl Correns
Two true-breeding pea
plants are crossed, one with purple flowers and the other with white. Their
offspring are:
heterozygous with the
dominant phenotype
Down syndrome in humans is
due to:
trisomy (three copies of
chromosome #21)
In the human ABO blood
grouping, there are four basic blood types, type A, type B, type AB, and type
O. The blood proteins A and B are:
Which of the following is a
sex-linked disorder?
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Which procedure is the
least-invasive method of assessing fetal health while development is still
The ability to taste PTC is
a dominant trait. If a heterozygote woman has a child with a man who is not a taster,
what is the chance their child will be a taster?
Whose work with fruit flies
presented the first clear evidence that the genes determining Mendelian traits
reside on chromosomes?
Thomas Hunt Morgan
What is the product of
In snapdragons,
pink-flowered plants are produced when red-flowered plants are crossed with
white-flowered plants. This type of inheritance can best be described as:
incomplete dominance

The outward expression of
an organism's genotype is referred to as its genotype.