Anatomy Exam 2-Ch. 9

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Which of these joints is a synarthrosis? humerus - scapula scapula - clavicle parietal - parietal femur - patella
The coxal bones join anteriorly at a __________. gomphosis
The synarthrosis that binds the two parietal bones together is a ___________. synostosis synchondrosis suture gomphosis
Which of these is a type of joint? cartilaginous fibrous synovial All of these are types of joints.
An immovable joint is a(n) diarthrosis.
The synarthrosis that binds the teeth to the bony sockets is a gomphosis. syndesmosis. synchondrosis. suture. synotosis.
A ligamentous connection such as an interosseous ligament is termed a gomphosis. symphysis. syndesmosis. synostosis. synchondrosis.
A slightly movable joint is a(n) synarthrosis. gomphosis. synostosis. amphiarthrosis. diarthrosis.
A suture is an example of a(n) diarthrosis. amphiarthrosis. synarthrosis. syndesmosis. symphysis.
An epiphyseal line is an example of a syndesmosis.
An example of a synchondrosis is the articulation of the navicular bone with the cuniform bones. ribs with the sternum. radius and the ulna. femur with the acetabulum. atlas and the axis.
A freely movable joint is a(n) symphysis. amphiarthrosis. synarthrosis. diarthrosis. syndesmosis.
The intervertebral disc joint is called a condylar joint. synchondrosis. symphysis. synarthrosis. glide joint.
Which of the following is not a function of synovial fluid? provides nutrients shock absorption protects articular cartilages increases osmotic pressure within joint lubrication
Bursae are found in all of the following areas, except tendon sheaths. beneath the skin covering a bone. within connective tissue exposed to friction or pressure. around many synovial joints. around blood vessels.
Which of these is not a property of articular cartilage? smooth, low-friction surface enclosed by an articular capsule covered by perichondrium lubricated by synovial fluid similar to hyaline cartilage
Which term describes movement away from the longitudinal axis of the body? flexion
Which term describes extension of the ankle joint and elevates the heel (as when you stand on tiptoe)? opposition supination dorsiflexion plantar flexion
Which term describes a special type of angular movement which is similar to drawing a large circle on a chalkboard? lateral rotation medial rotation inversion circumduction
Which term describes the opposite movement of elevation? retraction eversion depression protraction
What is the classification of this type of joint? amphiarthrosis slightly movable diarthrosis synarthrosis
What is the classification of this type of joint (suture)? amphiarthrosis diarthrosis slightly movable synarthrosis
What is the classification of this type of joint (pubic symphysis)? diarthrosis immovable joint synarthrosis amphiarthrosis
Articular cartilage is found within a __________. synarthrosis synovial joint synchondrosis synostosis
The fluid that accumulates within a swollen joint was produced by the __________, cruciate ligaments synovial membrane medial fat pad menisci
Which of the following is a slightly movable joint?
Which of the following is an immovable joint? Amphiarthrosis Synarthrosis Diarthrosis Synarthrosis
Which of the following is a freely movable joint? Amphiarthrosis Synarthrosis Diarthrosis Diarthrosis