Wordly Wise Book 4 Lesson 8

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Acrid adj. Sharp, irritating, or bitter to the sense of taste or smell.
Casualty n. A person killed or injured in a war or accident.
Congested adj. Overcrowded; filled too full. 2. Filled with fluid. Congestion
Cope v. To manage problems or difficulties successfully.
Headlong adj. With great speed or force; reckless. adv. Recklessly; without time for careful thought.
Hurtle v. To move with great force and speed.
Impede v. To get in the way of; to interfere with the movement of. Impediment
Inevitable adj. Bound to happen; unavoidable.
Initiate v. To put into effect; to bring into use. 2. To take in as a member. Initiation: The act of beginning.
Irate adj. Very angry; furious.
Lax adj. Not strictly enforced; undemanding; careless. 2. Not tight; loose.
Negligent adj. Failing to take proper care of or to give proper attention to. Negligence
Smolder v. To burn slowly without bursting into flames. 2. To exist in a hidden state before bursting into the open.
Stringent adj. Strict; severe.
Throng n. A large number of people gathered together; a crowd. v. To gather or move in large numbers.