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Juliet Capulet
Tybalt Capulet, cousin, expert swordsman
Nurse Capulet( Juliet's servant)
Peter Capulet( the Nurse's servant)
Sampson Capulet(trouble maker, thumb biter)
Gregory Capulet(a servant to the family)
Romeo Montague
Benvolio Montague(cousin,peacemaker)
Balthasar Montague(a family servant)
Abraham Montague(a family servant)
Mercutio Montague(Romeo's Bff, Prince's Cousin)
Esculus Neutral(Prince of Verong)
Paris Neutral(Green eyes, he asked for Juliet's hand in Merrige)
Friar Lawrence Neutral(St.Peters Church)
Bite my thumb Insult
Buckler Sheild
Crush a Cup Have a drink
Mutiny Rioding
Partisan Spear
Shrift Confession
Sirrah Male servant(knave,boy,man,villain)
Star Crossed Ill Fated; bad luck
Visor Mask;case
"True, I speek of Dreams..." Mercutio
"I will with draw.." Tibult
"O shee doth teach..." Romeo
"Prodigious..." Juliet
"My life is my foe's debt." Romeo
"You are a princox, go!" Lord Capulet
What dose a fight in the street symbolize? There will be future trouble.
Eliz.Belifes: What controls human destany? Stars control human destany
Eliz.Belifes: What color eyes were considerd "special"? Green eyes were special
Eliz.Belifes: What grew in the finger tips of lazy people? Worms grew in the finger tips of lazy people.