General Anthropology

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A genetic mechanism for language that has evolved as a survival mechanism language aquisition device
What is the name of the suvfild in linguistics that studies sounds? Morphology
A sybolic expression of the basic themes and values of a culture Art
gift of money or goods from the groom's family to the bride's family Brideprice
socially approved sexual and economic union between a woman and a man Marriage
In the Trobiand Islands the rule of residence is Bilocal
In the economic trnsaction of dowry the female's family is buying status
Who is your cross cousin? Father's sisster's child
The Kawelka (Ongka's group) followed a marriage pattern of polgymy
The Kayapo level of political organization is best defined as Tribal
A rule of residence where the couple lives with the mother's broher is called Avunuclocal
The substinance form practiced by the Kayapo was hunting and gathering
the traditional aspect of the kayapo culture that most aided their attempt to stop the dam was Age sets and reorganization
The U.S. follows a marriage patter of Monogamy
Every politcal organization has three distinctive components band, tribe, and chiefdom
what country did the Kawelka live? Papua New Guinea
What level of political organization of the kawelka Tribal level
Diverse ways in which the behaviors of the members of society are constrianed into socially approved channels Social control
The norms governing the prodcution, consumption, and distribution of goods and services within a society are known as economic systems
The attitude that a society's customs and ideas should be viewed within the context of that society's problems and opportunities is called cultural relativism
Cross-cultural comparrison, the comparative study of ethnographic data, of society, and of culture ethnology
Field work in a particular culture ethnography
Beginning around 15,000 yrs. ago in the Middle East a change in subsistence Broad-spectrum revolution
The area of the world where plant domestication first occurred is Middle East
The technology associated with the early Paleo_Indians in the Americas is the clovis Tradition
The society that is associated with the first sendentary villages in the Middle East is Natufians
The belief that humans have two souls is Animism