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abdominocentesis surgical puncture into the abdominal cavity to remove fluid
abdominopelvic relating to the abdominal and pelic cavity
cranial relating to the scull
cranium skull
diaphragm muscle separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities
dura refers to dura mater= outer membrane protecting the brain and spinal cord
foramen, foramen magnum opening, large opening
/rrhage, rrhagia break or bursting through, abnormal flow
hemorrhage bleed with abnormal flow
hypothyroidism condition of underactive thyroid
pneumon/o lungs
mediastin/o mediastinum= mass of tissue between the lungs
mening/o meninges=three membranes that protect the brain *dura mater *pia mater *arachnoid
organ/o organ
organic relating to an organ
organomegaly enlarged organ
pariet/o wall, paries
parietal relating to the wall of the cavity
pelvis lower portion of the abdomin
pericardium membrane that encloses the heart
peritone/o peritoneum- serous memrane that lines abnominopelvic cavity
phrag/o fence, wall
/phragm enclosure
phren/o diaphragm
phrenic relating to diaphragm
pleur/o pleura=serous memrane that lines the thoracic cavity
retro-orbital relating to behind the eye
retroperitoneal relating to behind the abnominopelvical cavity(peritoneum)
serosa serous membrane
serum clear fluid secreted from serous membrane
spin/o spina=spine
spinal canal canal form by vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord and meninges
thoracocentesis;thoracentesis surgical puncture into the chest wall to remove fluid
ton/o tone, tension=normal dergee of tension, or strech in muscle
viscer/o viscus, viscera=any large organ in the cavity, especially the abdomen
/plasm formation, growth, cell contents
/some a body
ATP adenosine triphosphate
biopsy remove tissue for examination
centri/o relating to a center or central location
chondri/o chondrion=granule
chrom/o color
chromat/o color, chromatin
cilium hairlike projection
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
enzyme molecule that starts chemical reaction
flagellum tail-like projection
genesis producing
granular grainy
genital relating to reproduction or the genitalia
kary/o karyon, nucleus
lip/o lipos, fat
lys/o lysis, dissolve or digest
mit/o mitos, thread-like, relating to mitosis
nucle/o nucleus,center
oxy/, ox/o relating to the resence of oxygen in a chemical compound
oxidize to combine with oxygen
phor/o carry
phos/o light
prot/o first, primitive
reticul/o, reticulum little network
rib/o the sugar ribose
RNA ribonucleic acid
som/o, somat/o body
tri/ three
vesicul/o bladder or sac of fluid
vill/o fingerlike projection, hairy tuft
vir/o virus
/ase enzyme
iso/ same, equal
/ity the state of
/phase phase or portion
/static control, hold in
anabolic building up moleculs
C chemical symbol for carbon
hexa/ six
catabolic breaking down molecules
dialysis separate
electrolyte conducts a current in electricity and is decomposed by it
ferr/o ferum, iron
Fe chemical symbol for iron
H chemical symbol for hydrogen
I chem.symbol for Iodine
K chem.symbol for Potassium
metaboiic relating to metabolism
betabolism breaking down and building up molecules
multi/ many
N chem.symbol for Nitrogen
Na chem.symbol for Sodium
osm/o odor or smell, relating to osmosis
osmosis to pass fluid through the membrane
pin/o drink
tel/o, tele/ distant, end
/vascular relating to a vessel system
/ceps head
/gen to produce or creat
penta/ five
/poietic relating to the process of formation
oct/o eight
adipose relating to fat
areol/o, areola containing little spaces
collagen protein substance of connective tissue
column/o column-shaped
con/, com/ with
cub/o cube-shaped
elast/o elastin, protein wich gives elasticity to the skin and walls of blood vessels
endocrine secreting internally
epitheli/o epithelium-surface tissue
fibr/o fiber
flex/o flexion, bending a joint
striated striped
neuron nerve cell
osse/o bone
osteoporosis atrophy of the bone
/poiesis forming, making
por/o hollow
skelet/o skeleton, bony framework of the body
reticular relating ti the fine network formed by cells
squam/o scale-like cells
stratified to form in layers
vascul/o vessels
encephal/o brain
encephalitis inflamation of the brain
muscul/o muscle
esophag/o esophagus
gastrointestinal relating to a stomach and intestine
immun/o immune, resitnance
immunologic, immunological relating to immunology
integument protective covering, skin
integumentary relating to integument=skin, protective covering
intestin/o digestive trakt, intestine
lymphatic relating to lymph node
lymphopoiesis forming of lymphocytes
muscular relating to a muscle
musculoskeletal relating to the muscle and skeleton
neurological, neurologic relating to neurology=study of the nervous system and its orders
pancreat/o pancreas
perineum pelvic floor
peroneal relating to fibula
perone/o relating to fibula
pulmonic relating to lungs
spir/o breathe
respiratory to exhale, breathe
sebace/o sebum, sweat
splenomegaly enlaged spleen
thym/o thymus gland-lymphoid organ in neck
thyroid an endocrine gland that secretes hormones
ureter/o ureter=the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder
urethr/o urethra=canal leading away from the bladder
urin/o, ur/o urine
onc/o tumor
orth/o straight
reumath/o watery discharge, rheumatic condition
/vention coming
neo/ new
esthesi/o perception, sensation
/ence the property of
/ive characterized by
/reflexive having reflexes
/rrheic relating to flow
apo/ separation or derivation from
bull/o bulla, large vesicle
cellul/o cellula;at a cell level, within the cells
chlor/o green
cyan/o blue
decubit/o decubitus, lying down
ecchym/o ecchymoma;bruise,pour out
eczemat/o eczema lesions, thick,scaly,weeping, crusty sores
eschar/o eschar= sloughed dead tissue
fasci/o fascia, connective tissue
pher/o to bear or carry
hidr/o sweat
hygien/o hygiene, health
indurat/o induration, abnormally hardened
ischi/o ischium=a pelvic bone
kerat/o, keratin/o horny, hardening, becoming horny
macul/o macula, spot
melan/o black
membran/o membrane, thin layer of tissue
myc/o fungus
onych/o nail
or/o mouth
pemphig/o pemphigus=blister
phot/o light
phylax/o, phylact/o phylactus=guard
prostat/o prostate= gland in the male
seb/o sebum;oil,wax
sud/o sweat, perspiration
synovi/o,synov/o synovium, synovia, with egg, like egg white
syphil/o syphilis, infectious venereal disease
system/o systema;the body as a whole
tegument/o covering
trigin/o between skin folds
tympan/o drum, eardrum
fluoresc/o emmiting light when exposed to light, flow
operat/o operation or surgery
/olone steroid drug
/one steroid drug
cocc/o coccus- family of bacteria(ball shaped)
adenopathy enlagerment of the glands
apocrine to be secreted
bullae blister beneath the epidermis
bullous relating to large blister or vesicle
cellulitis inflammation of cellular tissue
cyanosis bluish discoloration
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
ecchymosis small hemorrhagic spot in the skin
eczema chronic inflammatory condition of the skin
edematous relatimg to edema=swelling
epidermal relating to outer layer of the skin
erythematous relating to inflammatory redness of the skin
inguinal relating to the groin
keratodermatitis any horny growth on the epidermis
laceration torn or jagged wound
maculopapular relating to both: macula(spot,stain) and papule(pimpel)
mycosis any disease caused by fungy
neoplastic relating to abnormal tissue grow
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
normoreflexive normal reflexes
onychodysplasia abnormal nail development