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The three words that sum up the actions required to respond to danger appropriatly are plan, observe, and react
If the scene is unsafe, make it _____ or call for the appropriate teams to make it _____. safe, safe
Part of planning ahead is carrying a portable _______, which will allow you to call for help if you are separated from your vehicle. radio
If you find danger at the sce, there are three R's of reacting. They are ____, _______, and _______. radio, retreat, and re-evaluate.
It is always better to ____, danger than to deal with it. prevent
Never enter a violent scene until the ________ have secured it. police
During scene size-up, you shoud detertmine the medical patient's nature of ______ injury.
Whenever you care for a trauma patient, maintain a high index of ____
The force or forces hat caused your patient's injures are called the mechanisms of injury
In any vehicle crash, if a headrest is not in place, suspect a ___ spine injury in your patient cervical