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The ____ or system timer is dedicated to timing the activities of the chips on the motherboard. system clock
A(n) ____ drive is considered standard equipment on most computer systems today because most software is distributed on CDs or DVDs. optical
The most important component of the computer’s electrical system is the ____, which is usually near the rear of the case. power supply
A 1 or 0 in this system is called a ____. bit
Motherboard settings are stored in a small amount of RAM located on the firmware chip and are called ____. CMOS RAM
Some very basic instructions are stored on the motherboard—just enough to start the computer, use some simple hardware devices such as a monitor and keyboard, and search for an operating system stored on a storage device such as a hard drive or CD. True
Primary storage is provided by devices called memory or ____ located on the motherboard and on some adapter cards. RAM
In the world of computers, the term ____ refers to the computer’s physical components, such as the monitor, keyboard, motherboard, and hard drive. hardware
To perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basic functions: ____. input, processing, storage, and output
Parallel ATA, sometimes called the EIDE (Enhanced IDE) standard or the IDE standard, is slower than SATA. True
The ____ card, also called a graphics card, provides one or more ports for a monitor. video