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T. Lopez

Let's see how far my knowledge stretches

I. Klose

Although it has been rumored that Jackie Chan is a vegetarian and one would certainly think that he might be because he is so involved in the martial arts and many martial artists are vegetarian, he is not one. He does, however, believe in eating very healthy and doesn't indulge in a lot of...Read More


The "casting couch," though not that elaborate, it seems real in the Hollywood industry. Casting couch refers to a circumstance when someone in power or a higher position demands sex to grant a role to the victim. However, this has been mentioned by a few actors and actresses in the Hollywood...Read More

F. Lopez

The winner of the previous season of Bigg Boss is Dipika Kakar. She won the reality show competition on December 30 of 2018. The 2019 champion has not been announced yet, because the season is still airing. This season premiered in September of 2019. Bigg Boss is a reality show based in...Read More

F. Lopez

Season 4 of Bigg Boss was the one that gained the highest TRP, which stands for television rating performance. According to aMap, the premiere episode of this season gained a rating of 3.6. As the episodes went on, the ratings increased. By the finale of the season, it had a rating of...Read More

F. Lopez

I think it is too early to say who should be the winner of Big Boss Season 13 because it just premiered a few weeks ago. The season premiered on September 29, 2019. So far, only two of the 13 contestants have been eliminated, which have been Koena and Dalljiet. If solely going off the two...Read More

R. Barnes

I am a nature lover.

Visa and green cards both deal with certain rights allowed to a person while in the United States. Along with that, one must apply to both cards before they can receive them. Both cards differ in the rights the person has. One difference between them is that the visa is only a temporary...Read More
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