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Todd Gurley
Answered: Sep 16, 2019
I do not agree with Potlocker being the best website for watching the latest movies. Therefore, my answer is No. I will actually state my reasons for that. The first one to be mentioned is that I...Read More

1 Answer

Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Apr 23, 2019
The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The...Read More

22 Answers

J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast
Answered: Aug 13, 2018
Commercially, there are various ways to make fruit gushers and we won't ever know the true recipes used by companies but there is an easy way to make them at home. You need to know two different...Read More

2 Answers

Danny R. Glover, Editor
Answered: Jul 11, 2018
Alan Walker is also known as DJ Walkzz. His single “Faded” that was released in 2015 was well-received by a lot of people. This has made him recognizable especially to people who like...Read More

5 Answers

Answered: Oct 26, 2017
To turn on its axis once, the earth takes a bit longer than twenty-three hours and fifty-six minutes. This leaves, more or less, four minutes in each day where the earth has already turned on its...Read More

1 Answer

Answered: Apr 03, 2018
Videos can be sent to different people on the WhatsApp application. To do this, you can attach the video to a message on the WhatsApp. Then you can send it by clicking send. You can upload videos...Read More

1 Answer

Sharon Barwick
Answered: Sep 04, 2017
That's easy. The only really true answer is your age. Because, smoke and heat can be trapped and made to go around and around in a room. A person's height can, with age, diminish.
A...Read More

27 Answers

V. Barnes
Answered: Jun 11, 2018
Google is a cloud-computing service. It is hosting the service when you use gmail. You are not hosting your own. Therefore the content belongs to Google. Gmail is a simple form of software as you...Read More

2 Answers

Perez D.Scarlett
Answered: May 03, 2018
There are 802 Pokémon in total before you count start adding any additional forms.
The Pokémon establishment rotates around 807 anecdotal types of collectible creatures, each...Read More

31 Answers

A. Daniels, Professor
Answered: Oct 17, 2018
No, BMW and Mercedes are not owned by the same company, BMW is owned by BMW AG and Mercedes is owned by Daimler AG. They are both German automobile manufacturing companies. BMW was founde...Read More

1 Answer

Larry Thornton, Student
Answered: Apr 17, 2019
Even though people who suffer from this ailment suffer many physical ailments, the disorder is classified as a mental disorder because much of the problem begins with the patient’s...Read More

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M. Parker, Internet Researcher
Answered: Sep 13, 2018
The genus Acinonyx is known for containing the cheetah. There are subspecies of this genus and they include the different types of cheetahs. The first type is called the Tanzanian cheetah. It is...Read More

1 Answer

Answered: Feb 09, 2018
CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency and it uses human intelligence to acquire data and analyze it. The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They also deal with intelligence and provide...Read More

6 Answers