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Wyatt Williams

The people of the U.K. are the POPULATION, and the people you called are the SAMPLE.

Because it would be impossible or inconvenient to call every single person in the country (the entire POPULATION) to find out how popular the racket sports are, you take a SAMPLE by only calling some of...
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FALSE Asking if someone is thinking about suicide does not give them the idea to commit suicide. It is important to talk about suicide with people who may be suicidal as you will learn more about their current state and intentions, diffuse some of the tension, and be able to put...
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cambron bill

A greenhouse is sometimes called a hothouse. These greenhouses are used by gardeners or gardening centers in order to provide warmth for plants. A gardener may have a smaller greenhouse than a gardening center. A greenhouse has glass walls and a glass ceiling in order for the sunlight to be...Read More


Leave the bed in the high position when finished.-rationale: when making a surgical bed, the nurse should leave the bed in the high position when finished. after placing the top linens on the bed without touching them, the nurse should fanfold these linens to the side opposite the side from which...Read More


To make sure nothing is in the far edges of the frame, which can be distracting. You need to keep the viewer engaged in the photograph. By assuring yourself that there is nothing in the far edges of the frame, you are making sure that your viewer is not distracted. If you don’t watch the...Read More

Wyatt Williams

Double Line Graph

You would need to use a double graph because there are two sources of data being compared, and it needs to be a line graph because it shows something over a time period.
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