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What is the difference between noun and adjective?

Asked by John Adney, Last updated: May 23, 2020

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K. Galatia

K. Galatia

Answered Oct 15, 2019

The noun is the basic building block of a sentence, and it is a word that names people, animals, places, things, a quality, or ideas. Nouns are the principal class of words in most languages, and there are common nouns and proper nouns. The common noun denotes a person, place, or thing while the proper noun which names the same, but with a capital like Joseph, and the United States are proper nouns and man, or animal would be common nouns. There are collective nouns that name a group of things like a flock of geese.

The adjective describes or modifies nouns and pronouns like the red apple, and the angry man. Adjectives answer specific questions like which one, what kind, how many, and whose. There are adjectives known as articles, which are The, A, and An, and there are proper adjectives that start with a capital letter like Mexican food or English grammar. There are comparative adjectives like Sally is taller than Samantha and Superlative like out of Sally, Samantha, and Marie, Sally is the tallest.


C. Lucan

I'm a freelance Copywriter and well that explains everything!

C. Lucan, Copywriter, Literature Major, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Answered Oct 04, 2019

There are eight parts of speech. Nouns and adjectives are two of them. The other six parts of speech are an interjection, verb, adverb, conjunction, and preposition. Both nouns and adjectives are a part of grammar, and though they are closely related to one another, there are differences between the two. Nouns are people, places, things, and ideas.

Examples of nouns include John Doe, Washington D.C., dogs, and Christianity. In relation to a noun, and adjective is a word used to describe the noun. Examples of adjectives include tall, chilly, cuddly, and pretty. Along with being descriptive, adjectives can be possessive and used as providing a title.


N. Reyes

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N. Reyes, Writer, B.ed, California

Answered Oct 03, 2019

Nouns and adjectives are quite different although they are both form a part of the 8 part of speech. A noun is defined as the name of a person, animal, places, ideas, and things while adjectives are defined as words that are used to describe a noun. Nouns can be divided into different categories. Nouns can be countable or uncountable; they can be divided as common and proper nouns.

They can also be divided into subgroups such as abstract, concrete, and collective nouns. Example of a noun in a sentence: PETER is smart. Peter in the noun in this sentence. Adjectives are often divided into 3 main types. This includes descriptive adjective, demonstrative adjectives and quantitative adjectives. Example of adjective in a sentence: Mary bought a BLUE dress. You can see here that the word “blue” which is the adjectives describes the noun “dress”.


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