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What is the most important input of education?

What is the most important input of education?

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Asked by John Adney, Last updated: Jul 05, 2020

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I am a writer and copywriter, working in the field of education. Also fond of design and cinema. I love wildlife, an eco-activist.

Krisblade, Writer, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Answered May 22, 2020

As a student, a person obtains information, searches for sources of knowledge necessary for work, processes and analyzes this information. Many seek to obtain several diplomas of higher education, mastering new and related professions. This provides more opportunities for high-paying and promising posts.

A person must learn a lot in order to get a good job, a decent salary, a settled life and longed for prosperity. To increase your self-esteem, your authority in society, among friends, colleagues, in the family, finally, you need to have a good understanding of science, art, culture and other areas. And this opportunity also provides a person with higher education.

The education process gives us broader horizons, improves communication skills, facilitates communication with people, teaches us how to conduct complex negotiations, teaches us how to find solutions to different situations.


Mia Bee

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Mia Bee, miabee, Oxford, USA NY

Answered Jun 24, 2019

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Answered Jun 16, 2019

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Daisy Rowley

Computer science teacher of Cybersecurity

Daisy Rowley, daisyrowley, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Answered Nov 06, 2018

Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons :
1. Education endows people with quality
skills, thereby enhancing their productivity. Consequently, it enhances income earn¬ing capacities and creates opportunities for the people. Moreover, it also enables human capital to utilize the available physical capital optimally.
2. Education develops the mental abilities of people and helps them to make their choice rationally and intellectually. Education churns out good citizens by inculcating values in them.
3. An educated public of a nation has greater
acceptability of modernization and modern techniques. This not only helps the economy to grow but also facilitates a primitive economy to break the shackles of tradition and backwardness.
4. Education enhances the income earning capacity of people thereby raising the standard of living and improving the quality of living.
5. Education not only increases the income
earning capacity but also reduces the skewed distribution of income, thereby forming an egalitarian society.
6. It fosters economic development by increasing
the participation of people in the process of growth and development.


Jabir Sheikh

Jabir Sheikh

Replied on Jan 25, 2019

Everyone knows and understands the importance of education; it is working in improving the skills of students which needs to increase the level of productivity. Education also builds the confidence level of the students and makes them a confident person, it also gives the chance to work with multiple CV writing help companies, or other writing companies because if you have good qualification skills then you can be hired in any huge organization.

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