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How does fast food affect your health?

Asked by D.Hadenr, Last updated: Mar 30, 2020

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Amara Lance

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Amara Lance, Amara Lance, Medical Healthcare Professional, USA

Answered Oct 09, 2019

Fast food is taken as very harmful for our health. Those fried food, spices, lots and lots of cheese etc. can make our body health weak. Evern the digestive system is very much affected due to the harmful ingredients. The food your eat should be good and if you are taking fast food, it is necessary to be careful regarding the amount. Too much eating will make the condition worse.


C. Block

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C. Block, English Professor, M.A, Ph.D, Buffalo

Answered Mar 05, 2019

Firstly, it is full of calories, far more than you would expect from just looking at the food. Secondly, you probably gobble it down rapidly. You don't sit with a knife and fork digesting the food at leisure. Certain health and sanitary practices may suffer in the urge to be fast, especially when it comes processing meat.

The high amounts of preservatives and chemicals in fast foods are a risk. They are not meant to be consumed on a regular basis. The ingredients may be low grade meats and alternatives customers are not aware of. The result of regular eating of fast foods leads to obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.


Cesar H. Pablo

Cesar H. Pablo, Journalist

Answered Oct 12, 2017

Eating fast food can affect your health in different ways depending on what you order and consume. Many fast food places offer salad options to their menus. These salad options made with grilled protein and a light dressing could be quite healthy. However, many of the items are fried or the restaurant offers heavy creamy dressings or sauces.

These would affect your health in a negative way. Making smart choices whether it is at a fast food restaurant or in our kitchen is really what constitutes your healthy way of living. If you are not tempted by the fried foods at a fast food restaurant, then eating a meal there every day may have a positive reaction to your health. Also, it is okay to eat unhealthy foods occasionally.


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