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What event began World War II?
A. Pearl Harbor
B. Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand
C. Invasion of Poland
D. Battle of Britain

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Asked by Hailey, Last updated: Jun 27, 2020

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M. Porter

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M. Porter, Senior Executive, Master of Art, San Jose

Answered Apr 16, 2020

The correct answer to this question is C, Invasion of Poland. The invasion lasted for over a month. It started on September 1, 1939, and lasted until October 6, 1939. The Germans and Soviets declared victory during this invasion, but it did not stop there, as the invasion was the start of World War II.

There were many territory changes that occurred as a result of the invasion. One is that the Polish territory was divided between the Slovak state, Lithuania, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Next was that Danzig and Kresy were both annexed, while Vilnius was given to Lithuania.




Answered Apr 05, 2017

No. Pearl Harbor is when the USA got involved. Not when the war started. The Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand started the war and the invasion of Poland started the war because France and Britain said they would get involved if Poland was invaded. And they did. But WWII started as a conflict between two countries.


I think that it was The Attack ON Pearl Harbor because that's when America.


Looks like Germany alone was a bad boy. What about Soviet Russia?Soviet Unioninvaded Poland 2 weeks later! They were allies who divided and conquered the Europe. German-Soviet military parade was at Brest-Litovsk September 22, 1939

The correct answer is Germany and Soviet Union.
Too embarrassing to USA, who helped Soviets to grab half of Europe after war and have nuclear headache till now!.

John Smith

John Smith

Answered Sep 09, 2016

Invasion of Poland
Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. Britain and France shortly after declared war on Germany.


Excaxtly therefore it was No world war yet once Japan an allie of Vermant attacked pearl harbour Amerika declareren war on Japan and Vermant declareren war on America So Only then it became a world war So the right anwser would be pearl harbour and not the invasion of Poland

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